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Keeping A Gentle Soul and #Compassionate Heart Is Not A Character Of Weakness, It’s Quite The Opposite.

Something I’ve realized over time, and that is:

“Keeping a gentle soul and compassionate heart is not a character of weakness. In fact it’s quite the opposite.

When one has to stand strong and use strong will, then it’s respected and carried through simply because others know where it originated from, the compassionate heart and gentle soul, and that has significant weight.

However, if strong will is not overshadowed by compassion and meekness on a regular basis, then when it is truly needed, it will unfortunately never be respected, seen as strong or of value, and hence the objective that summoned for strong will, be not be carried through from others.

So keep a gentle soul and compassionate heart, and your inner strength will never be compromised.”

Have a great one.

_Jason Young Guy


Steps In Life Give You The Greatest Education Naturally. Your Influence Makes It Easy Or Harder For Others Going Up The Same Staircase.

One thing I love about life is the steps that lead you, but more importantly the people you meet along the way. Those steps also help educate you in identifying real and fake people.

Everything I’ve done since the beginning of being “on my on” sort of speak, I’ve viewed as steps. Every career move, every financial decision good or bad, and every involvement in something are steps. Like real steps, each one precedes the next. In life, the same thing is true. The only difference is some steps are short and some are very wide, but they all are steps in moving you forward.

In other words, some steps are very wide and this can be a long duration in a career, school or any organizational involvement. When you move to the next event in your life, that is the next step.

By comparing my life events whether successful or failed  to steps, it helps me see the positive reasoning in the decisions I’ve made, and hence helps me keep more of a look out for the next “positive” step rather than just taking any step that comes along.

The most important thing that comes from every step in life is the education that’s developed along with it. It’s not text-book education, but real world education in cultural development, spiritual development, and humanitarian development. However, be cautious because the steps you choose to take will influence that education and development for the good or worse in yourself and others. That’s why it’s important to carefully take each step in your life and not just jump to the next one without careful due diligence.

One great aspect that I derived from this on going education in taking steps through life, is the ability to meet people along the way.  Along with these steps we take helps us more and more to identify real and fake people. This is vital because so much influence comes from the people we meet along the way, and thus influences the development process as we go through life. So, it’s important to be aware of real and fake people and how to distinguish them.

One important factor I’ve found when in an unavoidable engagement around fake people, is to never treat them worse or undignified because by doing so, you will lower the subconscious integrity instilled within you, and this will eventually spill out into the conscious. Then it’s seen by people who will consider you to be fake. So, treat them equally, but be aware they are different and find a gentle way to exit from the relationship if possible. If it’s an unavoidable relationship like a co-worker for example, then again treat them no different from your real friends or colleagues.

Remember, everyone is on the same type staircase and are all being educated along the way. It’s the greatest education we get naturally and helps us to develop as a society in general. The level of natural education is elevated by each step you take in life. Just remember it’s a step, and no matter how hard or how tough things are at the moment, there is a next step up.

Steps go up, never down. Each time you step to the next one, your influence helps make it easier or harder for those around you. So be aware how you treat others, as they too are taking steps just like you and I. They too are learning and developing just like you and I, and they too pass down the influence you and I give them.

So for a better, more tolerant and giving society, we must all pass down good influence because influence is going to be given regardless, but it’s up to us how we choose to shape it and make its purpose.

“Love the steps in life, for they always go up and provide real education. Love the people you meet along the way and use the education to identify real and fake people, but never treat them any different. Influence them both well and equally because they too are going up the staircase of life and passing down influence you’ve given them.”

Jason Young Guy

Simple quote on #Patience.

“The early bird may always get the worm, but the second mouse always gets the cheese.” _JYG

In other words, being first is not always best, and many valuable lessons are learned in being anything but first.
Patience tames the eager soul, and sometimes helps avoid bad or costly decisions.

__Jason Young Guy

Giving #Gratitude, Accompanied By The Mental Visualizations, Can Give A Instant Relief From #Stress, #Fear And #Uncertainty Daily.

20130729-225038.jpg Jason Young Guy

As I was flying at 35 thousand feet during the early morning hours, I had several pressing problems that was not only causing me a lot of personal stress, worry and anxiety, but it was also causing me to question the choices and decisions I have made recently and the ones that were lying before me.  I couldn’t help but think about something Bob Proctor told me while I was out at Lake Las Vegas, and thought I would share it, as well as, the results with me personally in hopes that anyone else may benefit from it.

Bob Proctor is known for the internationally acclaimed film and book, “The Secret”. Now, I’m not big on motivational speakers, but Bob is a little different as he was mentored and coached by Earl Nightingale, who was mentored by Napoleon Hill, who was mentored by Andrew Carnegie.  So, I give Bob a little more of my attention than I do most speakers or authors. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate anyone whose philosophy is to em-better human potential, and provide real, productive and proven ways to achieve it on a continual basis.

Bob mentioned something to me while discussing a project he and his foundation are working on in South Africa for schools and under privileged children. It was such a profound moment for me, and it was  something I already knew yet never have truly applied it in such a conscious and intense way until now.

We always say under our breath or in a not so intentional way, how thankful we are for things in our lives. Unfortunately most people are so consumed with every day problems and pending issues, that we rarely take time to really think of the great blessings and positive aspects in our personal lives, much less, give actual “thanks” for them, or more importantly “Gratitude.”

Now I know a lot of people who say, “of course I’m aware of the great things and achievements in my life”, but in all honestly how many times have we sat in private with ourselves, and really visualized each positive and significant thing in our lives, and give real, soulful  gratitude for each one while we are purposely visualizing it in our mind  as we give the mental gratitude? Not many times at all, if ever. Thus, we never feel the real ease of anxiety and relief of stress from the pending and upcoming problems  we face every day in our lives.

When we stop in the busy pursuit of life, and give true, honest and intentional gratitude on a daily basis and “mentally visualize”  each one as it’s done,  an almost miraculous, calming effect instantly takes place over our minds and spirit for the problems and negative situations that are consuming our minds with worry, fear and uncertainty.

Sitting on an airplane at 35 thousand feet, and dwelling on a problem that was consuming my thoughts and churning my stomach with worry, I decided to do what I already knew how to, and that was give gratitude for the many accomplishments and even tangible things I have in my life. I consciously made my mind and soul focus on that gratitude as I gave it in silent, with my eyes closed.

The instant calm and relief was almost instantaneous, and I was literally aware of it which was just stunning for me, not to mention the relief I was desperately needing. In fact, it was such a mysterious relief of stress, that the more I gave the gratitude and visualized it consciously, the more and more less stressful I was over the problem lying ahead.

Giving a conscious gratitude for the things in your life ranging from people, assets and experiences to simplistic wonderful moments in time, has such a power within you that I truly believe it will not only calm and ease the anxiety and tension of the problems, but can possibly eradicates or solve them as well.

Now, some call it a trust in Faith, some call it the Laws Of Attraction, and some simply call it luck, but even if giving the gratitude visually in your mind doesn’t solve the emotional turmoil caused by problem or situations, it will  greatly reduces the stress and worry with significant impact, and it’s almost instantaneous in the subconscious first, and then you will see it work in the conscious of your mind, and most importantly  you will feel the results in your heart and inner soul.

I’m convinced with the intentional practice of visualizing in your mind the most cherished and beloved things you have acquired or experienced in your life, accompanied with a silent or verbal acknowledgement of gratitude for them on a daily or even weekly basis, it will significantly reduce, if not eradicate, the fears and problems you are experiencing in your life.It doesn’t matter if you are religious or not. It does not matter if you aren’t good with words. It does not matter if you have very little to be grateful for. It DOES matter if you acknowledge them and give an abundance of gratitude for them.

A man with few blessings in his life is equal to and no less or greater than a man with multitudes of blessings. I say ‘blessings’  in the sense of achievements, tangible items of importance or significance, and real events that gave you the most positive benefit for your soul and mind, even if it’s just the simplicity of your new-born child or the acquiring of your long time pet.

I already knew how to give gratitude for the things I’ve achieved and acquired in my life, and it’s not that I haven’t been grateful, but I just never really, really applied the gratitude. I mean literally applied the gratitude with a sincere, conscious and visual acknowledgement of each one. The more I visually gave gratitude, the smaller and of less significance the existing problems I was facing became. They simply dissipated in my spirit and my mind.

Something so simple, and it took sitting on a plane alone at 35 thousand feet to think about and actually apply it.  Now, I find myself giving gratitude within myself while I’m in places that give me that opportunity when I’m not at home or in private. I’m talking about simple places like waiting in the grocery line, sitting at a red light, or anywhere you can have a moment to focus on that instead of the existing problems.

It’s a conscious choice you have to be willing to do, and then be willing to do on a consistent basis. Soon, it will become apart of your subconscious practices, and the habit will be embedded in you. This can  lead to only one thing, and that is  almost instantaneously eliminating any negative reactions to what use to be significant problems or situations you are facing and the issues to come in the future.

Remember, you were born to choose, and only you can choose how to handle problems and situations that are affecting your daily life and the reactions you have to them. Never ‘expect’ anything to happen, always ‘believe’ it will happen, and the gratitude you give for those things will ensure a prosperous and positive growth of your mind, spirit and ability to face testing problems and situations.

“Giving conscious gratitude and mentally visualizing those things as you gratify for,  significantly reduces, if not eliminates, the stress, fear and anxiety of day-to-day life.” ___ Jason Young Guy

Have a blessed one,

Jason Young Guy

#Strength Within You

“I believe one’s inner strength is greatly strengthened and advanced, when one is able to identify and then utilize their weaknesses into one of their greatnesses.

First, you have to consciously identify the weakness, and then consciously make a purposeful and continual effort to conquer and mold it to become a strong feature within you. Only you can recognize the weakness, and only you can decide the significance it plays in your life.

Once you have decided the importance that weaknesses is affecting your inner strength and ability, then you can take the conscious steps to control it’s power over you. Then subconsciously, you will grow stronger,and so will your confidence within you to do what ever you set your mind to do.

Weaknesses within us are nothing more than abilities that are just discovered by ourselves, within ourselves, everyday of our lives on all levels of size.

The key to growing inner strength, is realizing and identifying what is the newly found weakness, and then start practicing by habit to turn it in to one of your best attributes.

An attribute that has to serve you for the betterment of who you are, and who you are toward humanity, both in public and private.

The greatnesses within you are built and managed by you. They are known by you on the inside, but gleam from you on the outside, which is what shows others your true character and abilities.

Only you can decide what is greatness and what is weakness by how you treat yourself on the inside. The more confidence you find yourself having, is the result of you turning weaknesses into greatnesses.

It becomes almost a subconscious action you take, but only after you have made yourself aware of the very first weakness you know exists within you and conqueror it.

The strength you develop as a result, will be seen and absorbed by others that are looking for the very same help for growing their inner strength, and that is the ultimate reward for yourself.

Stay true to yourself, and depend on your own inner strength, and nothing can defeat your goals and purpose in life.”

__Jason Young Guy

My Chain Of Important Words In My #Life.

“To love is to care.

To care is to take responsibility.

To take responsibility is to grow.

To grow is to achieve.

To achieve is to live.

To live is to give back to humanity.

To give back to humanity is to give your personal, influential and compassionate touch on the soul of mankind forever.

It all starts from the basis of love.”

__ Jason Young Guy

#Muslims And Their Quest For Respect, Peace And Recognition, I Belive Will One Day Happen But Only Until..

I rarely write about other religions or religion in general, but I can’t help state what I truly believe on Islam since every time I see the name in an article or media report, it’s always accompanied by the words, attack, bombing, murder, violence, and so forth.
So I wrote this to a very nice Muslim lady who stated on an article why won’t America and the World respect and acknowledge Muslims and Islamic Faith.

So this is what I responded:

"Dear Friend, Muslims want the world to respect them and their faith as a peaceful
 one, especially here in America?. Well, in order for that to ever happen
 they (the good ones) like yourself, will have to stand up and drastically drown out
 and denounce publicly and every way known to man, the major radicals when they
 commit acts of mass violence in the name of your Faith. It has to be done over
 and over again, and louder and louder every time an act of terror is committed by them.
It's only normal, human nature to react to what it sees on a continual basis.
 It's only man's normal and natural instincts to profile and judge based on the actions
 it sees of a particular group that is constantly presenting itself as a
 representation of that group and drowning out any others that act or represents
 any thing other or different.
Until that happens, the Islamic Faith will never be seen in the eyes of the world
 as a peaceful and loving faith that actually cares and contributes to all humanity.
For a comparison, how many other 'major' and worldly recognized Faith's have murdering
 and extreme violent radicals acting in the name of the same Faith? Not Christianity,
 not Buddhism not Mormonism, not even tribal religions of under developed tribes
 in the deepest enclaves around the world.
It will take centuries of the peaceful and truly humane and civil Islamist
 to conquer the respect they so profanely demand. I hope for the sake of all
 the children being born into that Faith, that the change and peaceful voice happens extremely
 sooner and faster, so the Faith and people of the Faith can be respected and not be
 pre-judged and profiled.
I also hope for the sake of humanity, that this loud voice of peace happens soon so that more
 and more people will stop turning from any religion or God because of the violence from the radicals
 and extremist that are destroying the sanctity of religion and God Himself. No Faith wants any one
 to turn away into atheism, but it's happening more and more because of the violence and results of
 mostly Islam, which is a dire shame.
**Please note I have many friends that are Atheist, and I do not
 judge them nor denounce them. I just disagree in the aspect of God.
So that is my perspective on the Islamic Faith and why it doesn't get the demanding respect it seeks. I'll
 stress my point once again, until the voices of the true peaceful and civil members join and drastically denounce
 and drown out the violence of it's overwhelmingly large radicals, then it will continue to be looked upon as an
 evil and threatening entity on humanity and the stability of human existence. I pray that happens sooner than later."
Jason Young Guy

#Desensitization. Is the new societal #epidemic we must alter.

After this Boston terror act, it’s just another example of how I’m afraid we are falling more and more into the epidemic of desensitization as a human race. Every time an act like this on any level is carried out by inhumane, immoral, heartless, cowardliness and desensitized individuals, it pokes a hole in the fragile fibers of our civil and social beings. We always will prevail, even when some pay the price more than others as in 911 and now in Boston, but maintaining our stability and the foundational principles we as humankind have built for the betterment of our lives must be kept as priority one no matter how many tares are done to our fragile fabrics of life.

I seriously believe we must be more aware of what information our children view, more aware of recognizing and identifying the trouble signs when they present themselves around us in the social and civil environment, and take conscious and well thought actions to keep our society from desensitizing itself to the point that nothing moves us compassionately anymore, which in turn prevents us as a whole society to hold each other accountable for actions against humanity. Unfortunately the seeds of evil within people and even kids have been planted, but it is up to us as a civilized and cultrualized society to do whatever means necessary in preventing a blossom of terror of any size.

I also whole heartedly believe that the information on the internet in regards to knowledge how to destroy human existence with instructional guidance should be massively attacked and destroyed by not only the companies that host these seeds of evil, but also by the international community and governments to annihilate such information from free access to potential bloomers of terror. If we choose to continually and unconsciously desensitize ourselves, and more importantly the younger generations of today, by allowing massive bombardments of visual medias and multichannels of inhumane and uncivil acts, thinking and derogative information into our lives and children lives, then we are planting the seeds to civil destruction without even realizing it until it’s too late.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with every person directly and indirectly involved with the suffering caused from a seed of evil that was allowed to bloom yet again in Boston. For myself, I keep a strong Faith and a conscious decision of what I’m viewing, thinking and delivering to others around me both physically and online, and keeping a conscious awareness what impacts it can have on other individuals and their personal fibers of civil and cultural growth in humanity.

If we all take a conscious step to produce more positive reinforcements even in tough times, I believe we will find ourselves at the end of the day with a clean conscious, light heart and full enjoyment of a peaceful life, World and sensitized soul.

God bless and God bless the human race Globally.

Jason Y. Guy

#Hope and #Faith quote I wrote and live by.

“I believe Hope is the result of putting your best effort into something, and then by using and trusting your Faith continue to move forward to the next task at hand.” _JYG

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