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Retired Concert Pianist and Entertainer. Humanitarian, Animaltarian, Philosophy and Columnist.

#Thanksgiving-reflecting as a kid.

As people all over this great Nation take part in the traditional celebration of Thanksgiving, I’d first like to wish everyone a very safe and joyful day.

Growing up in the great South and in a small town, I was very blessed to have a family where both sides were close and somewhat normal. I can remember as a kid waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the smell of sweet potato pie simmering in the oven as it was being prepared, among other dishes, to take as we say in the South, “up the road” to my Grandmothers house for Thanksgiving dinner. Even though we ate around noon, we still call it dinner.

My mom was busy in the kitchen preparing other dishes and my Dad was always outside doing things that probably didn’t amount to much. Just “piddling around”, which is another phrase we use in the South (chuckle).
My mom would go back and forth from the kitchen to the bathroom and continue to get ready. Getting ready means putting on makeup and doing her hair. It was a very detailed and long process as she was always considered a true Southern Belle, and she very well deserved the title since she spent such a long process to get “ready”. This was not just done on special occasions, but every single morning before she went to work. Of course I lost her back in 1997, in which, I wrote a blog about that you can read for details on that tragic event, but her memory and the person she was is always remembered in the utmost respect by others, and I’m thankful I had her for the time I did.

Once noon approached, Dad, mom and myself began putting everything in the car and my job was to make sure nothing spilled as we headed “up the road” to Grandmaw’s house.

Once we arrived, I always bypassed all my cousins, my Aunt and Uncles and made my way to give my Grandmaw a big hug. I loved seeing her face light up when I would come into the kitchen, where she was putting all the dishes together and of course her own that she had been preparing since the night before.

I had the best of both type of Thanksgivings. I’ll describe them both but I can’t put into words how lucky I was in having such great Grandparents on both sides of my Family.

My mom’s side, Grandmaw, was the type of “get together” where we all ate buffet style. The food, which consisted of all the typical Southern dishes, were placed all around the tiny kitchen. All the deserts were placed on a separate card table, and there were many, many different deserts.  When it was time to eat, all the kids came inside from playing in the yard and we all held hands and had our prayer. It was usually around 16 of us in my Grandmaw’s tiny 3 bedroom, brick home. We were all Christians, and all of us were raised in decent, loving homes.

Once we blessed the food, we began to eat until finally we all passed out sort of speak from being stuffed. Everyone fixed a plate and headed to a spot whether it be the kitchen or the den or outside on the sidewalk. Most of us kids ate outside and the adults ate in the kitchen. We ate on paper plates and drank sweet tea from paper cups. It saved on doing so many dishes since it was so many of us.

Once the afternoon rolled around the only sounds heard were of the women in the kitchen cleaning up and gossiping about life, the sound of the football games where all the men were and us kids outside playing. Life was amazingly pleasant for all of us. We weren’t rich by any means, but we were extremely wealthy with love and family.

When the evening time came, my dad, mom and myself left to go to my other Grandparents house. This was my Dad’s side, and she was Granny Guy. It was just my grandparents and us. I’m the only grandchild on that side of the family.  This was the traditional “sit down” Thanksgiving dinner. The table was elegantly decorated with the finest china and cloth napkins in place. Glasses filled with ice and set at the table.

Mom helped Granny set the table and place the food in the correct arrangement, as Dad, my grandfather and myself sat in the den and talked about hunting. This side of my family were big hunters, and I’m grateful today that I know how to not only hunt, but also clean a deer, fish and cook it. I would have no problem in surviving in the wild if something happened to power and conveniences of today’s world.

Once everything was set, my Granny would always say, “ya’ll come on”, and we all gathered around the table and Granny would tell us which chair to sit in. Once we were all in place, we held hands and blessed the food. We were all Christians on the Guy side as well. Just like my other Grandmothers, we had all the traditional, Southern dishes and Granny always made at least 2 chocolate pies and 2 type of cakes.

Now, it sounds more elegant and fancy at my Granny Guy’s dinner, but it wasn’t fancy as in material things, because they, like my other Grandparent’s, were not rich either in terms of money. However, they were very wealthy because of again the love we had and family. Once we finished eating we all retired to the living room and had great conversations about life in general. That was the true blessing. As with both sides of the family, when you were leaving you always had a handful of leftovers to take home. It was the Southern norm.

So you see, I was blessed to have a great traditional Thanksgiving in two very different ways. The all get together and casually eat and lounge setting, and then the more formal sit down traditional setting. Even though it was two very different ways of enjoying Thanksgiving, one thing remained common in both, and that is the love we have for each other, God and the blessings in our lives. To this day, we still celebrate those things even though some are no longer with us as they are gone to enjoy a much larger Thanksgiving in Heaven. We still give thanks for the love and time we shared.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving and keep love and family with you always. Remember family doesn’t necessarily have to be blood related, as I have “family” all over this great Country, but by keeping those two things in your life, you are truly wealthy on Thanksgiving day.

Jason Young Guy


#Civilized – Why Is It So Hard In This Era?

You know as a true humane and civilized person, I’ve always had respect for every individual as long as they were of sound mind, and displayed their beliefs or passions in a civilized manner or in thoughtful yet informative words. This can be with one’s religious beliefs, political beliefs or just cultural ways of life, but the manner we conduct ourselves even in times of war is vital in keeping our intellectual integrity, mental stability and civilized evolvement stable and prospering as a human race of one.

I just saw a picture that was tweeted by Anderson Cooper in Gaza of a man’s body being dragged behind a motorcycle as they chanted he was a Israel Spy. Realistically all I could see in that picture other than heartbreak as a human, was the uncivilized, barbaric actions that children’s young minds are absorbing as they watch them parade that body around too. The way we conduct ourselves in any situation of any magnitude is always being watched and learned by young minds everywhere. Young minds that are the future and are developing based on what they see, hear and taught, in which, will be passed on to the next generations.

The action of dragging a dead man’s body around behind a motorcycle shows how ironic it is that as humans in general and in this Era, we have acquired the ability to build and construct a complicated thing called an engine, which runs off a substance we have developed the intellect to refine from oil in the earth, that then propels perfectly round steel or aluminum discs made of rubber we humans also developed and all of this remarkable, highly intellectual process and skill to create a motorcycle, and yet some are still so uncivilized and in humane they choose to use their skill to operate it for a pointless task of doing nothing more than showing the world and children how in this Era, humanism is still far from being civilized.

I know not everyone acts in that type of manner, and I know in the case of war humans tend to do things they probably would never imagine doing in their lifetime. However, as a Christian I believe in Israel as God’s chosen people. I do stand behind Israel and support what they are doing. I also do believe they are not trying to target and kill innocent people in Gaza and are civilized human beings. For example, they have dropped millions of leaflets telling the people in Gaza to stay away from Hamas militants and it’s facilities. It’s unfortunate that sometimes innocent children are caught in the crossfire, and that in itself breaks my heart as I’m sure it does the leaders in Israel. They do not hate humans or human life, they hate people who try to take the ability to live civilly and in a humane non terror environment.

Now, I don’t want to offend or start arguments or debates on this war going on now with Israel and Hamas, but it’s the picture I saw of a inhumane action that happen to be what sparked my thought and this blog.
I’ve also stated in the about me, that I express what I believe on all subject matters and I am careful I know facts on all angles possible before I make judgements or conclusions or statements. I also know what is in my heart and what my beliefs and feelings are, and I know as a civilized human how to express it with a level of integrity and respect even if there is a surrounding escalation and expression of disagreement.

Any group of people who forcibly takes over a land, place rocket launchers by their own civilian homes, schools, Churches and Mosques all in knowing that when they launch a rocket toward an enemy, that enemy is going to attack the target to stop it from doing it again is pure uncivilized.
In other words,  it is purposely set up so it kills the innocent civilians and makes their enemy look uncivilized and inhumane to others looking in. This is a practice that is seen over and over for decades in conflicts with terrorist organizations, or uncivilized people. The young minds see this behavior and actions like the body being dragged behind the motorcycle, and they are learning to hate their neighboring country because they see them as purposely try to kill their people, which couldn’t be farther from the truth in actual reality.

It’s amazing that the same intelligent people who developed the skill to ride a motorcycle, drive a car, operate machinery, build homes or install and operate a rocket launcher are the very same type of people who display the meaning of uncivilized humans. It’s ironic how such a fine line exists between intelligent and uncivilized, passionate but inhumane, smart but without integrity.

Yes these same type of people sometimes need to be in war and dominated.  Not because of different religious beliefs, or cultural beliefs, but simply, simply for the purpose of civilizing these people and forcing them to understand integrity and respect for themselves, for others, for the human race.

I do believe once a war is over and the good prevails like with Israel and Gaza for example, the children will finally get to see that humane and civilized people do exist and do succeed in this world even living by someone who has different beliefs, cultures and way of life. There is a unison of common good that exists outside of terror controlled environments, and it’s such a shame that loss of innocent life has to occur in order to prevail over terror and uncivil peace.

No one wants war, but everyone wants to be heard, respected and acknowledged. Children are not born with this knowledge, they learn it. They learn how to be civilized and then they carry and pass it on to the next generation. As it keeps getting passed, the “civilized” element of a person continues to grow stronger and becomes more intellectually developed as well. It becomes more intelligent and humane. In the end result, it eliminates barbaric actions like dragging a dead man’s body around the streets behind a motorcycle during war.

My view and blog is again not on the war of Israel and Gaza, but on the point of the man dragging the body in the picture I saw, and the representation that it symbolizes for some groups of people in this world today. Being civil in today’s era needs to be a primary focus no matter who or where we live. It’s not hard to be civilized people and neighbors of integrity with respect, and we have to enforce and insist that it continues to grow and spread for the sake of mankind’s survival.

May God’s grace sweep through Israel and the Gaza strip, and may his humble peace take hold of every human in those regions and bring civilized thought processes and actions for all the young minds to see and learn from.

This was the image.  You can copy and paste in your browser,  http://instagram.com/p/SQXOBvEkLg/

Have a blessed day,
Jason Y. Guy

#Hope and #Faith quote I wrote and live by.

“I believe Hope is the result of putting your best effort into something, and then by using and trusting your Faith continue to move forward to the next task at hand.” _JYG

Learning To #Forgive Even In the Most Extreme Pain Imaginable

I guess this is more of a personal blog for myself, and really doesn’t contribute to anything in particular other than the appreciation of life, keeping the goodness and legacy of those you love alive even though they are no longer with you, and above all learn to forgive even in the most extreme pain a human heart, spirit and soul can endure. For it is that forgiveness that ultimately becomes what will heal you from the heart-break, pain and brokenness. It’s God’s most powerful tool he instils in us, because we have to use more often than we realize. Once we master forgiveness, then nothing can break our spirit permanently and rarely temporarily. It’s powerful, and I endured the hardest of hardest circumstances to have to use it.

You see, on a cold afternoon in North Alabama around 6:30pm, I received a call in my modest, 1 bedroom apartment while I was attending college at the young age of 24. Yes, I took a little longer than most, but I was also launching my career as a Concert Pianist and Entertainer simultaneously. The call was from my Dad who he and my mom lived 4 and half hours away in South Alabama. My Dad’s voice was hollow and faint, and I knew immediately something wasn’t right. He directed me not to leave and he would be there around midnight. When I kept repeating, “where is mom?” I only got a response of, “I’ll be there shortly just don’t go anywhere until I get there.” Then the phone went silent.

My parents were very hard-working individuals that barley could carry the title of middle class. They both worked a full-time job, my mom ran an office of a metal works company that custom-made parts for machines in the local paper plant and other small industries. My Dad worked as a linemen for Alabama Power Company, which was a very tiring and extremely dangerous job. So much so, he was electrocuted when I was one year old, and miraculously survived after not only being jolted with 1000s of volts, but also a free fall from a 20ft power pole. He did lose his ring finger, but that is a small price to pay compared to almost loosing his life.

We lived in a very, very small country town where everyone knew everyone and their reputations and families. I was blessed to be raised by a very well-respected family, in which, both my mom and dads families were known and also respected not to mention loved dearly by most all. My parent’s were the type that all my friends wanted to come visit before we would head out on a Friday or Saturday night to ride around town and mingle with other friends my age.

My mother was considered the true representation of a “Southern Belle”. Although never college educated, her grace, beauty and mannerisms was that of the Queen herself. She was always conscious of others feelings, morals, her Faith in God, and her devotion to family. So much devotion that she drove my Grandmother (her mother) to the local city of Mobile 2-3 times a week for Ovarian Cancer treatments. My Grandmother was at one time considered the longest survivor of Ovarian cancer and listed in the AMAJ or American Medical Association Journal. She fought extremely hard to overcome the cancer and did so until the very end of a 20yr fight.

On November 17th, 1997 she took off work to make a routine trip with my Grandmother to Mobile. My Grandmother lived about 15 miles north of my hometown. The town she lived in was also my mom’s hometown and it was smaller than the town of Jackson where we lived. She lived in a little area named Grove Hill, and between Jackson and Grove Hill was the main route for 18 wheeler log trucks. In South Alabama, cutting timber for the local saw mills and paper company is a prime industry due to the number of Pine Trees. So it’s common to see many, many log trucks running back and forth between Grove Hill and Jackson on Highway 43, a four lane road that runs all the way South to Mobile and all the way North to Florence, Alabama where I went to college. So that morning of the 17th was a normal routine for mom to pick up my Grandmother and leave south for Mobile…almost normal.

During the 4 long hours of waiting for my Dad to finally arrive, I made countless calls to my home in hopes of reaching mom but all I was able to get was our answering machine. I called my other Grandmother and of no luck reaching her which was very odd, as she always was home and answered the phone. This was my Dad’s mother. I didn’t call my Grandmother that went for her treatment as for some reason I didn’t want to have her start worrying when I had to explain Dad was coming up and I didn’t know why. That’s just how strange and out-of-place the trip would be for anyone that knew my family or was in my family. This was on a Monday evening, and it was above all a work day and work week. They only came up on a weekend, and had already came up earlier in May for their 27th wedding anniversary, and it was close to Thanksgiving so I would be coming home soon anyways.

Around midnight on the 17th, Dad finally arrived along with my neighbor who was driving his car with Dad as a passenger. My heart sank, as my worst fear I have always had that was far greater than the worst physical pain a human could endure was about to be my reality.

Dad came in and asked me to walk to the back bedroom, in which, he closed the door. He turned to me and said those words that I will never forget for as long as I live., “son, your mother was killed tonight.”…..

As his head then collapsed down into his hands in tears, I can hardly describe the physical heat that overcame my body and the rage that was beginning to boil in my stomach and heart. Rage and vengeance to find whoever, whatever took the one gentle soul that I loved more than life itself, my mom.

Keeping my composure as best I could, I asked how? What happened? Who did this? Dad began to tell me what happened.

At approximately 4:15pm that afternoon, my mom had just dropped off my Grandmother from her cancer treatment and was returning home on highway 43. That time of day in the fall is very busy with log trucks running their loads and highway 43 is very hilly with a speed limit of 65 most of the way from Grove Hill to Jackson. It takes roughly 15 minutes from my Grandmother’s home to ours, but the speed limit changes coming in to Jackson to 55. The speed limit coming out of Jackson is 45 and then increasing to 55 and on to 65 once past the city limits. My mother was coming in to Jackson and up an incline doing probably 55 or 60. She was a very cautious and law-abiding driver. Coming up that particular incline during November is terrible because the sun sets early is almost blinding when going up hill towards it. So, as she was coming into Jackson, a unloaded or empty log truck was heading out of Jackson and increasing in speed at the top of the same hill my mother was coming up. Again this is a 4 lane highway with a center turning lane and no median separating them. The log truck came over the hill and somehow jack-knifed or started skiding out of control and came across the lanes and hit mom head on…instantly killing her…

She was less than 3 miles from our home, and I was told there were paramedics that worked at a local plant just happened to be close behind her in traffic, and they were on the scene almost instantly and explained that she was gone., and probably at impact so with the sun so blinding, she probably never even knew what happened. That spot is where mom entered her eternal home forever. A cross of flowers remains at that very spot today and always will.
It took 3 years before the skid marks of the 18wheeler to eventually disappear visually from the highway, and I had to see them every time I came home to visit Dad.

So as dad explained this to me for once and only once, I had a pure raging hatred with one motive, and that was to find this guy driving and kill him. literally kill him. I’ve never felt so much rage, anger and vengeance in my natural-born life. However, being the great Dad I have he began to console me and once he did, it dawned on me how much he was hurting and devastated as well. That brought me somewhat back to my senses and I began packing as we had a long, cold and dark 4 hour drive back to my little house that would be “empty”.

I know now I couldn’t reach anyone, as the entire town was in shock of the accident, and everyone’s priority was apparently to keep me from finding out until Dad was able to arrive and tell me and bring me home. That drive home was the most sobering, quiet and longest drive I’ve ever experienced, but the worse of it all was walking in that little 3 bedroom, 1 bath home I grew up in and smell the smells of my mom everywhere in that house, but never to be found again.

In the following months of that year, my grandmother gave up her fight with cancer and passed away 2 months later. I drove back and forth every weekend once I returned to college to be with her. That following August, my first Cousin (the only other grandchild besides me) had a major seizure and was found drowned to death near her home in the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Fl. That following December my Grandfather lost his fight with prostate cancer and he also entered the eternal home forever.

Needless to say it was a very, very difficult year with hardly anytime to grieve or grasp reality in between the losses, especially the massive loss of the most special lady in the world, my mom. However, we over came and the support from everyone in the community and abroad saw to it that we had support and comfort during the time of healing. Although it’s been 15 years today since this happened, it’s still a continuous healing process that never really heals until the day I enter the eternal home of Heaven.

So I guess my point is on this day of November 17th, 2012 I honor the 15th anniversary that my great mom walked beside Christ Himself and met God the Father. I’ve never met the man who was driving the truck, and no charges were ever filed as he had to live with the thought of taking a life on his shoulders, and it wasn’t intentionally done. They said he explained a car was turning in front of him and he swerved to avoid it, but no other driver on the road at the time ever saw a car turning. So more than likely he was speeding to make another run, as they get paid by the loads or runs, and once he came over the hill probably lost control and once it jack-knifed it’s like hydro-planing in water, you have no control.

Once the funeral was over, people began to leave our home for many days of supplying food, support and comfort,

I forgave the man who took my mom’s life. The man who took my Dad’s high school sweet heart and destroyed his life. The man who sent shock waves through a small town in carelessly but accidentally taking the life of a lady that was loved by all and who never had a single enemy. The man who broke my heart, spirit and pure soul to the utmost core. Who’s faulty actions left my Dad in a house that was now forever quiet and empty. You see, I was an only child, so I was already moved out since I was 19.

It was the hardest and most painful experience that shook the very foundation I was raised on, but also remembering that solid foundation I was brought up on I was able to turn to my Faith and forgive the man even though I never received one apology, call, letter or anything. It’s ok though, we are strong and that strength was derived from the very person he took from us, mom.

She may be gone today, but she is never and will never be forgotten. Her legacy will always carry on through me. Her sweet spirit will always be displayed through me, and her compassion for others will also live through me.

I already displayed that compassion she was made of…..I forgave him. I prayed for him and his family to give comfort and peace throughout his life.

We all can forgive someone, because if we don’t it will be like a cancerous tumor that grows and grows until it has eaten all or any compassion as human that is in you. That you were born with naturally and is always meant to shine.

Have a blessed weekend,

Jason Young Guy

Sue Wilson Guy
A wife, a mother, a Christian, a humanitarian and a crusader for all things good. Rest in sweet peace mom.

Body Ques Tell Who You Are Without Speaking

One thing I’ve developed over the many years of Entertaining on the piano and being in the public, and that is the ability to read body language or as I call them “Body Ques”.  Actually I’m not sure if it’s a natural ability or if it was a learned ability, but probably a learned ability that most may not be aware they give off all the time when engaging with others. It can have all kinds of positive and negative impacts to those you encounter.

Before I did independent concerts, I use to entertain every evening at a very nice restaurant called, The Renaissance Tower as a “live background music pianist.”  It was similar to the Washington Space Needle and had a very nice piano where I played continuously from 5pm to 9pm every day.  I was always conscious of what I played, how loud or soft and what genre was most appealing with the guests at the time.

I realized that I was always watching people’s body language when I played a particular arrangement, and could tell if the piece was fitting or not based on people body ques. It became a common, unconscious practice I was doing which allowed me to adjust in a moment to re-accommodate the song or style best I could and it always seemed to worked without them even knowing. I actually became quiet good at it. So much to the point I became constantly aware of what body ques I was giving off in just regular conversations and interactions with other people.

Body Ques tell who we are even without saying a word, and it’s  something that we all give off when we are in public or private interaction with others. Gaining a respect and likeability from others can often come from just the way you give off body language before you even speak.

For example, if someone approaches you on the street or in a store and says, “excuse me sir or mam?”, do you first turn toward them with eyebrows slightly raised accompanied by an inviting smile which gives the facial language of a soft, approachable question of “yes?” to them? Or do you turn with one eyebrow partly raised, slight wrinkle in the center forehead, back jaws clinched and a partially, squinted eye which gives a somewhat approachable but more invoking a sense of irritation and caution to the person?
Once that initial greeting is made and how you make it can have impacts on how others see you even before you say a word.

My point is that by being conscious of how you address people and listen during conversations can give you more respect and a more reputable reputation, which in turn can help you acquire things more easily from others like gratitude, respect, trust or even a job.  Whether it be just their attention or actual help in a matter, your body language can always speak before your lips.  By being approachable and respectful even when someone else’s body language is terrible, they will still be more prone to listen and take in account what you are saying. The wrong  body language can instantly send an unintended “vibe” that might be difficult to regain. That is why you sometimes hear people say, ” I just had a bad vibe from him” or ” Something just wasn’t right about her” or “I just didn’t feel comfortable around him”.  Those usually come from body ques more than your actual conversations.

Body ques can be very easy in gaining comfort, trust and respect from others, but they can also be quiet damaging on the esteem of others and have impacts you may never see when giving the wrong ques.
For example, my neighbor is a Veteran of Vietnam. He is in his latter years, and has developed a short-term memory loss. I’m new in my neighborhood, so I don’t know him very well like I do my old neighbors where I once lived. He and I  happen to run into each other about every other few weeks as I’m getting my mail. When he says hello, I turn and do exactly as I stated above with the body language.  I have also formed a habit of doing it  so I never have to worry about the wrong language as I greet someone.  So, with a smile and relaxed face and body language he walks over and say hello and begin chatting.

Bob is from New York, and he knows that I’m a Musician and Entertainer. When he first met me he told me this long and very interesting story about meeting Billy Joel in a small cafe in New York back before Billy made it successful. He explained how he went to the piano and played for hours as they gathered around and sang until 3 in the morning. So, as we begin talking about the weather, he begins to tell the story of Billy Joel again to me. This story is told to me every time we meet.

Now keep in your mind, I also have a business conference call in about 20 minutes as he is beginning to tell me the same story again.  Inside I know what he’s about to tell me, and I also know I have an important meeting so I can either do one of two things.

1. I can stop him in his excitement of sharing the story with me and his enjoyment of being social and telling it as if he’s never told it before and explain he’s told me the story and I have to really go. Or,

2. I can continue to listen as if I have never heard the story and with enthusiasm.

If I’m not consciously careful, my body ques will give that answer to him before I can speak, which he would pick up on and not only embarrass him as he catches himself that he’s told the story before, but it could be quiet depressing for him and hurtful as he realizes he’s having a problem. At least that is how I would see it personally. So, at his age and out of great respect for others, as well as, my character, I chose to keep the curious smile, lifted eyebrows and listen to the same story as if I’ve never heard it before.

I did missed my business call, but I polished my character, my consciousness of how I treat others especially the older generations, but above all I made HIM feel normal and special as he shared his repeated excitement of a simple story that has been told over and over. You could see the enjoyment he got from my positive body language that I expressed while he told the story. That body language gave him the ok to tell me the story and made him comfortable, as well as, trusting of me as a person.

Even if I had to leave and interrupt the story, there is a way in which to do that with the right body ques as well, so that it doesn’t somewhat hurt that person’s feelings or embarrass them. That is the ultimate goal, which makes your character shine through.

That is a small example, but the point is if we carry ourselves and express our body ques consciously with great care and admiration in any situation, then we can change how others see us, respect us and like us without even saying a word.

Hope this makes sense for you as to what I’m trying to relay based on my experience. I do believe it’s important and can greatly benefit anyone, and anyone can see the result when they consciously look for it now when they engage others.

May your body ques always lift someone’s esteem, character, and even bring out the best body language of those that have negative and derogatory ones when they engage with you. This truly makes who you are and how you are seen by others before you even speak.  It’s up to you how the world views your character, manners and integrity simply by the way you speak without using your lips first.
Have a blessed day,

Jason Young Guy

Natural Talents Are The Gift Of Giving.

Jason Young Guy

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas is approaching, I thought I’d write about something I’m very passionate about, and that is giving. Giving in the sense of sharing as it pertains to not only material things, but intangible things as well.

You see, as a Concert Pianist and Entertainer I always tell people in my audiences and in person, “I believe everyone has a talent. Some find it when they are young and some find it when they are old. In either case, find what you love to do more than anything and your talent will be hidden within. Then give thanks to God for it, and share it so that others may benefit from it.”

The part I emphasize the most in my quote is, ” the sharing so that others may benefit from it.” By this I don’t necessarily mean benefit in terms of profits or assets, but in the sense of giving they benefit also from the kindness, spiritual and emotional good it does, which in turn, benefits you as well for the effort of sharing your talents.

Sometimes we don’t even realize or see how others benefit from our natural gifts, and sometimes we ourselves don’t even stop to realize what benefits we have acquired from giving. It’s just natural to do what we do best, and it’s also natural for us to not really pay attention to the good we do with our natural talents. If we stop and really pay attention and understand how our “giving” affects others, then we hold the key to our own success in growth and life.

People sometimes don’t understand what natural talents are, so I’ll give a little explanation the best I know how, and then you can determine what your gifts are and how you can “give” your talents so others can benefit from them, and believe it or not you will recoup the rewards be it money, power or divine uplifting and spiritual growth.

I have a natural gift to play the piano by ear, as in I do not read music. I can perform on the piano and play in a manner that many think I’ve been trained since I was 5, but quite the contrary, as I didn’t discover I could do this until I was 22 years of age and went professional at 23. Now, I’m not boasting but merely making a point. This type of talent is a physical talent I’m able to do that many cannot or have to be trained in order to do. The real talent is not the ability to play, but the ability to share the music and relate it to others through body expressions as I’m playing. In other words, I have more people tell me they enjoy watching me enjoy playing. THAT is the true talent hidden within.

Anyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone can give off the enjoyment and passion that it embeds in others souls strictly by watching me express what it does to my soul. That is the giving part of performing on the piano.

Now another example of natural talents, and there are a vast many in this world, are people with lets say the unique ability to speak perfect words. Huh? Yes. People fail to realize that being able to speak words of wisdom, care, inspiration, healing, problem solving and just plain common sense are also a type of natural talent. As I said before, the key to their success is realizing they have that talent and can see what effects it has on people in a good way when they share it. Then they are more prone to utilize it better and hence receive more good for themselves by what the effect is having on the people they speak to whether it is one single person or a large crowd. I know it may sound complicated, but it’s really not. That is just an example of a natural talent that isn’t necessarily a tangible task one does or creates, but it is none the less a real talent and has huge impacts when shared for the common good.

Talents come in all forms and I think you have the idea of what I’m expressing on the Gift of Giving. The key to being successful and discovering your talent is again discovering what fulfills you the most, and recognizing the successful and beneficial outcome it has on others in an always positive way. Once that is recognized, then build on that talent and continue to give as you will always receive more personally when you do, then the ones receiving it will.

Just never forget to give thanks to God for it, as He can always take it away just as He gave it to you. Treat any talent of yours with respect and use it only for the good of yourself and others. Even if it is the art of building a simple bird house. It may be ordinary to you, but it can bring a lifetime of enjoyment for someone else who hangs it outside their home. The satisfaction that should fill you of that talent, is every time that person smiles when they see a bird nesting in the art you created for them.

Have a blessed day,

Jason Y. Guy

What Are The “Older Generations” Really Teaching Future Generations In America?

Rick Perry Takes Stand On Texas Secession Issue.

Jason Young Guy

After seeing so many articles and petitions from States, including my own home State, Alabama, I’ve just been dumbfounded how irrational, forgetful and uncultralized some American People can be, especially the older Generations that are past the age of learning and acquiring new cultural and diverse thinking for the em-betterment of their communities, children and lives.
Growing up in a very small, predominately all white, blue collar, Christian town in rural Alabama, I’d never thought that I would see a day in which I would become so open-minded, open-hearted and culturally educated as I am today. Why? Because I didn’t know what that meant in terms of a tangible thing. It was something that developed as it does with each person when they expand their minds, visions and paths away from their current, historic environments.

With that being said, however, I have never and will never forget how I was raised, where I came from, the history I represent, the Christian foundation I was raised, the respect of our development and independence as a race, a community,  and what made me who I am.

I know the history of the Civil Rights movement, I know first hand the environment of segregation, racism and the power it still holds today in many, many small towns and even large cities across the South, as well as, many parts of the entire Country. I also know how difficult it was for my former Generations to fathom the ideas of progress in humanity, equality and diversity in these times.

It truly breaks my heart, but it breaks my heart more that some can never be educated enough or have the opportunity to venture outside the mindset they have so been instilled with from their past generations, and it isn’t their fault at all, but if they do not choose now to try to make progress in their thinking patterns, then the same mindset will carry over into their children and their generations. This will be a major set back in the growth of humanity and the demoralization of the human race as a whole in the eyes of God.

It doesn’t mean these people are any more or less than myself or others in this great Country when it comes to common sense, morals, patriotism or humanity, but in cases like this situation of wanting to secede from the Union, I can’t help but question their literal civilized development and growth as a human race and the yearn for a more perfect and equal society in the United Sates where everyone lives and succeeds day-to-day without infringing on anyone else or their way of life.

For example,  it amazes me how I can hold a Piano Concert that includes everyone in my audience from Black, Latino, White, Asian, Gay, Straight, Old, Young and everyone in between, and they all sit silently and listen to me perform music that captures each one’s heart, spirit, smile, love, compassion, open mind, culture and above all humanism in a single instrumental song or piece without ever saying one word. For that moment of time, they are all on one platform, in one light, in one common passion and speak only one language as the music from my piano soars through their ears, hearts, souls and minds. Yet when some leave the building, the outside World grabs them and pulls them back into the irrational and derogatory mindsets and actions.

If only there were away to keep what was captured inside that building in their souls as they left, and learn to keep it and implement that feeling they had toward others and our Nation, then we would be more than a shinning example for all humanity to see around the World, we would be the cure to invoke it.
However, that can only be done with growth and individual willingness to change.

With all that said, I don’t see how anyone that is a true American could possibly, remotely or even slightly let the word secede enter their minds based on an election and here is why.

-First have we forgotten what the first secession did to our Country. The deadliest blood shed of American lives ever by their own brothers?

-Have we forgotten the “Red Man”? The Indians.

-Have we forgotten the accomplishments men of all color gave? The exploration days and the development of civilization in America?

-Have we forgotten the efforts our Government gave to unify the States so we could function as one society to reach prosperity for all equality,  men and women?

-Have we forgotten the trials and errors our Government and Nation has endured to learn and grow as one with immigrants from Europe, Ireland, England, Asia and others?

-Have we forgotten that love is a spiritual, internal entity that sees no color,  no orientation other than human?

-Have we forgotten the roles each person, including our Government, has played in the times of natural disasters across our land before today’s time, yet alone what we’ve done for each other in disasters today?

-Have we forgotten how our Government stood up for each State when fighting abroad for Democracy and the rights of the suppressed.?

-Have we forgotten 911? That our enemies are not within our Country, but abroad that want to take from all of us what we cherish so gratefully, our equality, freedom and strong unification as ONE.

-Have we forgotten the pioneers in all Eras that have worked and slaved for the em-betterment of humanity in the United States as one and not for the em betterment of a single race?

and last, have we forgotten that we are only given roughly 70-80 years to live in this great Country and usually by the age of 55 we start settling in and not focusing on the young generations that are now as eager as you once were?  They are seeing humanity grow and prosper even with the problems of Government. They are understanding that as ONE Nation, Under God, With Liberty… there is Justice For All.

Not if we attempt to show irrational behavior like seceding from the Union. If that were to take place, not only would it cause an entire, internal war of destruction within our Country, but it would kill the growth of humanity, generosity, unity and pure goodness in the Generations to come that are learning from our actions.

Our enemies, the one’s who we are trying to educate, help, defend and reach to extend the hand of civilized humanity and democracy for all, would simply sit by and watch us destroy ourselves internally by secession of the Great United States, and then we’d no longer be able to save our civilized, educated Country,  much less the ones abroad that yearn for what we have even at our poorest levels and during our hardest hit times.

No, they would patiently sit by and wait until we have reached a level by succeeding and tearing ourselves apart internally that we would now be no longer ONE Nation to them but instead many targets. All that our former Americans died for would be lost, and the future for humanity and generations to come in our Country of The Untied States and abroad will surely be lost.

Maybe that’s what did happen to Rome, the Egyptians and other great society’s? Maybe they destroyed themselves internally from hatred and irrational thinking that once they were gone, there was no trace of their success as a Nation, development and prosperity other than the hollow, cold temples and the fading drawings on the walls.

Are we really ready to tear ourselves apart from the inside just because we are going through tough times as a Nation? What did people of much older generations think when they went through a real Depression. A real depression. a real depression..

Today at our worst, we have it better than those before us did at their best. Let’s not be blind by media, by ones that profit off of rederict and chaos, but let us prosper as equality Nation, United, Democratic, Humane, Cultrulaized, Civilized and eager to understand things and situations that we do not understand, and yet not close our minds but open them along with our hearts to work for the common good in all and in our great Nation…

The United States Of America. . The Leader of the Civilized World and the Leader of Humanitarianism.

Contact your local Senators, Congress and President and let them know today that YOU stand behind our Nation as ONE.

God Bless,

Jason Y. Guy

Two Classics, One Car And A 101yr Lady!

Two Classics, One Car.mp4 – YouTube.

I had to blog on this as it’s probably the best clip I’ve seen in a long time. I always have loved classic cars, and stated many times that people just don’t treat cars like they use to. This lady is 101 and still drives this machine of a car! She doesn’t act or look a day over 70, and knows exactly the same feeling I have when it comes to cars.

Today, it’s hard to enjoy our cars when we are constantly in a hurry to go to work, drop the kids off, pick the kids up, run errands, and we never think about the beauty of a car and it’s sound when we turn the key. It’s so uncommon for people, unless you’re wealthy, to cherish their car and see it as a classic one day.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy car today or a new, or very expensive car to really appreciate what you drive.

If we find a car we love to drive no matter how old, what style, what brand it is, it would make life so much more fun and probably ease the tension and road rage on the packed roads today, because we simply enjoy driving the “car” which makes a statement of who you are.

Have a blessed day 🙂

The President and Our Actions.

Jason Young Guy

I feel that I should write a somewhat brief opinion on this election. No, I’m not talking about the entire process or what was said by Candidates or the ridiculous analyst and bias media, but more on the comments of people I know on social media around the Country, as well as, some others I don’t know.

I honestly can’t understand after the voting process is over, done with, that instead of focusing now on highly important issues that was temporarily diverted due to our normal Presidential election,  the majority of people are still fighting so hard to prove their case why their candidate should have won,  and how the Country is going down the tubes and they will not budge for any means in any negotiation to reach a common ground for the common good. I mean really? The slander, posts, blogs, hatred, bigotry, racism and even religious smear, is so great that it’s doing nothing more than breeding stronger anger and hatred within that person, and is having no effect on others physically, but it does set a spark of the same sentiments to begin brewing in those viewers, which leads to them retaliating with the same deggration,  that hence the process continues and inflames beyond resolvability or control ability and ultimately ending with no real positive results for the future.

If we can’t learn to meet in the common middle during this particular election,  learn to accept Democracy as we have it, respect the leaders that are chosen by the people, make our voices heard in a clear, concise, educated and civilized manner, then we will never continue the process of evolving as a leader by example in the World we know.

When the President is elected and again the same people who blocked progress state publicly they will not budge on their stances no matter what, how in the world can people not see that it’s not just arrogance, selfishness and close mindedness, but it’s literally a form of  in humane practices of judgmental dictatorship that serves no one for the common good other than themselves and their like-minded affiliates they influence?  How is any President, regardless of whom he/she is, able to make any progress if it is a constant battle with never having any slack to make room for true progress? How are they suppose to implement any idea or plan that might actually work, if it’s already been pre destined to fail just because of who that person is as a person? They can’t.

I’m afraid we’re going to find ourselves in the same situation on some matters with the President and our Country due to that competitive, unethical and dictator character the House is preparing to show again. However, not all issues are of equal value to every American citizen. There are a lot of issues that for some are more important than the Country’s economy and Foreign Policies. For some, simple things like abolishing the discriminative “don’t’ ask, don’t tell” law has far more weight in gaining a vote, as it should.

Many Americans have good jobs, make good money, have good health care, but lack the same rights as other Americans. That is the most important thing to them, and that is something that these people I see and know fail to understand. If they understood that there are far many issues that cause us to exceed in the eyes of ourselves as humans and in the eyes of the educating world, then this ridiculous slander and hatred would begin to cease.

In other words, don’t let the media constantly show you what the most important issues are at hand and for our Country. What affects our great Country and the great Americans, are the problems that are at home and in your personal lives, in which, most if not all of those circumstances are dealt with at the State level and not the Federal, in most cases.

The State Government has more control over your everyday life than the Federal I assure you. Change can happen within your own State by getting involved and making things happen there first. That change is carried to Washington and impacts those that are unwilling to budge from their own conceded ways, and then forced out.  It’s easier said than done I know, but it takes steps, and it can be done. It will be done in generations to come.

So until then, we all have to remember with social media and even real media that we are constantly being watched at our actions and reactions, how we treat others, how we treat our leaders, how we treat foreigners, how we treat our enemies, and how we treat our Faith. It’s all being watched by those that are literally dying right now to have these great thing we as Americans have called, Opportunity, Democracy, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Be that example to others and fellow Americans by your actions in your day-to-day life.

God Bless The United States, The President, all the elected Leaders on both sides and Independents which is what I am. May He forgive the mistakes they have made and will make while in offices, but to give us strength as Americans to hold our dignity and show our humane grace toward them as the problems and issues are corrected and resolved as the great American People we are known to do.  Lets start using the intelligent minds we were given, not the lashing tongue of appalling language we have learned.

Jason Young Guy

Some media and reporters are detached when disaster strikes during a election

Christie sets up gas station hot-line to deal with continued problems | newjerseynewsroom.com.

I’ve been very irked with the news, media and reporters of all different outlets in the covering and reporting of the praise Christie has given our President. Having lived through many Hurricanes in the deep South, several a Cat 4, I’ve seen and experienced first hand the devastation the great people and Governor in New Jersey and all the North East are going through. Who doesn’t understand it are the reporters that try to politicize the disaster especially Gov. Christie. The Governor expressed exactly the type of attitude and cooperative culture that our National Government so desperately need. The media thinks it was a political move on the “praise” of Obama, instead I know from experience that politics and any other occupational success completely vanishes from the minds of those struggling with no power, water, food or communications. It becomes so irrelevant as the pure shock of the current situation one finds themselves in is so overwhelming that you will unconsciously find yourself praising anyone that gives the smallest amount of help because you are so desperate and helpless in a disasters time like this one in New Jersey. I’ve seen reports that Christi’s praise of the President has hurt Mitt Romney’s campaign. That statement from many reporters has just outraged me inside. They are so detached from the circumstances and internal emotions the leader of that State is going through, that they have not the slightest educated or compassionate sense of real reporting. If the praise and cooperative progress Christie and Obama showed would be expressed and used in the White House, Senate and Congress, we would see a massive advance forward in our Country today regardless who is President or who has control of the House and Senate. I pray for that change without being sparked by a catastrophic disaster as in this case. It’s a shame it took 911 to bring Americans together as one, and devastation of New Jersey and New York, to bring a Republican and Democrat together for the common good of helping each other and the Americans suffering. That is what should be reported and made in the media eye, not using the notion that the disaster is being used as political strategy. As a registered Independent, which does NOT mean I’m undecided, I applaud and praise Gov. Christie, as well as, our President for working so compassionate to making a reality of help and progress to the people of New Jersey. Why cant that be done for the entire Country on a day-to-day basis? That is where I leave it to my everyday prayer to hopefully fulfill that for our Country.  I respect our media and reporters that work for the good of the people and especially during the times of crisis where their expertise and skills are really needed. I discredit the ones that try to distort the truth and turn situations into motives that are completely out of context and have no experience in. Those are the cancer’s of reporting that cause our society to grow in hate toward opposite parties and even good people. Have a blessed day.

Life Thought

Occasionally Take The Rest Area Exit

Life can be like a super highway. It continues to stretch further no matter how far we’ve come. It also continues to speed us up and get jammed with life problems and situations that causes road rage, yet we slow down only long enough to pick back up speed. What we fail to do is take the occasional exit that comes up every so many miles or years that says, rest area ahead. Take that exit sometimes. Get out and smell the fresh air. Listen to mother nature sing. Observe people passing by and above all, take a moment to smile, look up and say “Thank You” for the breath of life…  Then, merge back into the super highway called, life.
__ Jason Y. Guy

Working Together

I always hate to see it taking a disaster to bring the common good out of people. I was fortunate to always grow up with it in the deep South, but if it were more common around the Country then we could “as a Nation” get so much more accomplished. Gov. Christie of New Jersey and President Obama showed exactly the common ground practices we need in Washington. I’ve already wrote a blog on the new poison in our political system, but the setting aside of ridiculous arrogance’s to focus on one common goal, which is helping the people of NJ and NY recover, is the same practices that should be done in Washington between Democrats and Republicans on a day-to-day basis period. However, it’s not, and probably won’t ever be until a third-party is elected to balance out the hate and resistance that has poisoned Washington. It was SO nice to see and hear the great comments from the Gov. on President Obama’s response to the disaster, it gave a humble meekness to my heart personally that we can come together and move our Country forward together regardless who’s President. As most know I voted for Obama. I voted for John McCain prior, but if Romney get’s elected, than I’ll support him and give him faith to move us forward. I would hope the same could come from the other side if Obama is re-elected. What happened to the respect we use to hold for our Leaders? How have we as American’s seem to act so knowingly of the deep down issues and problems the President endures each morning his feet hit the floor? Since when have we all become so judgmental and knowledgeable of all the circumstances around situations? I’ll tell you.. since we have allowed social media and T.V. to rule our judgements. Since we have allowed television analyst and bias performers to inform us of bias based facts. BUT, its media that shows the compassion and spirit of cooperation during disasters of not only the American People, but of Leaders as well. Tit for tat? Maybe, but one thing is for sure, we have a lot of disasters in our future and we better get ourselves together so we can handle things like the civilized World we are and inspire others to be. God Bless and the prayers to all the people in the North East affected by the super storm, Sandy.

Thank you GOD for the “coincidence”? I’m proud to have voted for a Christian President

I rarely, if ever, talk about politics and religion together in the same breath, but yesterday before and after I voted as a Christian,  I prayed sitting in my car that God grant me serenity somehow in knowing I made the right choice for myself and my future. The calm He gave me yesterday before and after I voted should have been enough, but it wasn’t. As any normal person, we always want more than just a comfort in our hearts, Faith can be hard.. So this morning as I always do, I pulled up CNN.com news, and this article was on the headline. Of all headlines that could be posted..Coincidence?  For you maybe, but for me absolutely not. More divine timing.  If I’m wrong, they will answer to God himself, not me.  I know what it’s like constantly growing as a Christian and separating the ridiculous from the real within my personal Faith and in my life. So I’m very, very happy right now with my decision and hope you will be in yours.. I’ll share the article below and you can read it or not. Don’t judge me, nor share you’re judgement of the President OR the Candidates running on this wall.. This is only my personal story and experience and I’m so, so happy this morning that you couldn’t say anything to change it anyways, that’s just how strong it is.. Whoever you vote for, I hope you have this same calm and happiness after you vote.. Have a much blessed Sunday. 🙂


The “NEW” Poision In America and Politics

It just appalls me to see people who I thought were somewhat intelligent be so ridiculously blind by political hatred towards the opposite parties, that their actions and posts on blogs, twitter and facebook, are the very symbolic reason our Country will never move forward or recover regardless who takes office. I’ve never seen the smearing of both parties so filled with I’m right only hatred, that no President or running Candidate will have a real chance of implementing a successful plan even if he had one due to the opposing, competitive hatred to stop anything regardless the effect it will have on the American people. It would fail due to the extreme lack of cooperation or ability to compromise due to the hate.

Even Bill Clinton said he had some resistance but never the level like it has evolved today as we actually worked together and made progress. This was referring to his 1st term. If Romney wins, do you really think the House or Senate filled with the exact same party slander and hatred just like you share on here, is going to allow any progress? No.. Just like the Republicans stated before Obama was elected, that they would stop anything he tried to do before he even attempted. I’m so tired of hearing “educate yourself” I have. I did and I see exactly what’s going on. When does it stop people?

 My Bird Story– It’s amazing to me that a simple bird is a prime example of how our Government was meant to work.. how? –The bird’s LEFT wing and it’s RIGHT wing,  work in a cooperative, congruency for the sole purpose of lifting the CENTER.  The “center” being our Nation today.  A bird has no FAR right wing or FAR left wing. Our Nation has to compromise and extinguish this  hate  this I’m right only  mentality, or we’ll flop like a injured bird until we’re devoured by our enemies.

Our Government will never be able to work in unison in today’s society. How can we fix it? We can’t I’m afraid. Not until a 3rd party wins a Election that neither side can understand what to do except drop their hatred and work toward a common goal.  Unfortunately we now have to learn to live with it, as will future generations. Neither side will ever give in just a little of their arrogance enough to work in cooperation.  That was shown when we lost our credit rating.

So, that’s my take and I’m unanimous on it. I’ll cast my vote and hope for the best. When you post another degrading post or blog, keep my Bird story in mind. You’re not contributing to nothing but the hatred that is the hindering poison on Capital Hill.  I’m not going to change your minds, just like you’re not going to change mine. However, if I was a elected official, I’d have a ‘open’ mind for the good of “everyone”.  America should be ashamed of itself, as should our Politicians. The new poison of competitive hatred, has reached an epidemic proportion, so that I don’t even know if a cure exists anymore. That’s a shame in itself. Have a good weekend and May God forgive America.

Jason Young Guy

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