Who Is Jason Young Guy?


I’m a Southern guy, (I like to think a Gentleman),  from a small country town in Alabama, and now residing in Florida. I left home after High School,  and have seen a lot of this World.

I’Perspectiveve been fortunate and blessed to have  accomplished more by the age of 25 than some do in a lifetime. I’m very grateful that I’ve had and still having a great and adventurous life  in this wonderful free Country.

I was  a Concert Pianist, Entertainer, Television Personality, Director, Producer, Editor, Humanitarian and Animaltarian,  and currently still doing all to some degree.  I’m well-educated, but more importantly I’m educated culturally. I have a sensitive and compassionate heart and use firm thinking and reasoning on matters or issues in life and in this World.

I display a constant sense of humor and smile in real day-to-day life,  but I do take some issues very seriously in discussion. I never take things to a degree that would cause harm or emotional harm to anyone.

One’s  Spirit should be praised for its distinct uniqueness,  and we should all  give thought and care before we deliver any positive criticism or judgement to anyone.  Yes,  that is easier said than done.  I do speak my mind  but I use good judgement,  as like  selecting music to perform,  on whom my audience will be and then  how to deliver it with firm self-opinion while using care and an openness of thought.

The majority of my thoughts or comments are written in a semi humorous intent.  I try to write or express thoughts on issues or things so that you, the reader, can distinguish when I’m serious, irritated, happy, sarcastic or just being plain funny.  I have a lot of great friends around the World whom I cherish.  I can honestly say I have never had an enemy, or at least non ever made known to me.

I believe in integrity and trust, and I give each person I meet all that up front. They then choose, based by their actions or words, whether or not I continue to give them those. That doesn’t mean I defriend anyone,  it just means their ranking of intelligence just fell a few notches with me.  I’m not always right on issues or matters, but I’m not always wrong either.

I speak on matters based on experience, common sense, open mindness and consideration. I am a born again Christian. I love God and Jesus Christ period.  I believe in a personal relationship with God and Christ and not in a denominational religion or man made embodiment.  Religion is a shared,  personal and spiritual relationship. It is not a governing body of Government manipulated or interpreted only to satisfy the personal needs of certain individuals or societies.

I believe in humanity and the pure goodness that is in every soul even though not all let it shine through due to their own personal circumstances. I believe in my own abilities and potential and I believe in living a happy and free life and a life that doesn’t physically infringe on others. I believe in family and the positive influences we have on others.

I believe in morals and the type morals that are good to humanity and one’s self. Morals that are created from the deep down goodness in one’s heart and governed by what is morally right and not based upon someone else’s extreme definition. Morals are felt within the human soul and then expressed through their kind actions.

I believe in America and Freedom. I also believe in the common sense of the term, Freedom. I believe with Freedom comes a responsibility of respect to be executed on a daily basis. Freedom is not an excuse to abuse common sense, and do things that are morally (re-read my definition on morals) wrong to humanity, this Country or to each other.

I’m still growing and learning, and will always be until I die. That is how society modernizes and culturalizes. We all do great things, and some choose not to do great things but in turn do just the opposite. By being in the public eye,  I was grateful that it instilled in me a responsibility to be myself, respect others, and realize that I do influence. We all influence to some degree. That influence can do 1 of 2 things. It can hurt or it can prosper someone.  I choose to prosper.

Today, I’m fortunate to work for a great Entrepreneurial company that helps starting Businesses, mid-to large Businesses, Inventors and everything in between, reach their definition of success.  I don’t mind sharing information about myself when asked, and I have nothing that I hide in any aspect of my life.

I don’t judge one on money or material wealth. I admire one being happy on a 2 bedroom farm-house with tomato plants on the front porch and 2 dogs inside laying on an old couch with a afghan on the back. I also admire one being happy with a multimillion dollar home in downtown Manhattan with modern furniture and an orchid garden.

I perceive you based on whether you smile or frown. Talk about the negative more than the positive. Thrive on being a pessimist or an optimist. Whether you are genuine, fake or trying to ride the fence, or have a good balance of both. I’ve learned from being an Entertainer how to read people very, very well. However, I’m cautious on how I perceive one to be especially in this age of online media,  as I don’t know the person’s true spirit based on their mono typed words,  unless it’s very obvious.

I have always been open to others opinions, knowledge and thoughts. I accept them here as well with respect, just as I would do face to face sitting in a cafe. I don’t tolerate explicit words in conversations on here. I would not tolerate it in person, so nor will I do here. I do tolerate levels of education and culturalazation that some have as it will show by their statements or opinions and sometimes wording. I also tolerate views that can be offensive to some ,as long as,  they are expressed in an opinion that is within the subject and is their heart-felt opinion. I do not tolerate intentional hatred or explicit attacks, as again, I would not tolerate that in public face to face. However, most people I meet or have ever met are not on that level, but I figured I would cover it just in case.

Well, now you know a little about me. I’m always open to share more on my personal self again if asked, and I believe in helping almost all people in any way I can. Whether it’s been through music, words or prayers. I hope you enjoy my blogs, and thanks for reading as always.

With that, I’ll leave you with this. I have always told everyone on and off stage,

“I believe everyone has a talent. Some find it when they are young, and some find it when they are old. In any case, find what you love to do more than anything, and your talent will be hidden within. Then give thanks, and share it so that others may benefit from it.”

-Jason Young Guy