#Paranoia Is A Terrible Disease That Can Suppress And Eradicate Your Natural Compassion

by Jason Young Guy

I’ve written many comments on the situation of Syria and other horrible events around the globe. One thing I’ve discovered in reading so many thousands of comments on articles, is there seems to be a underlining foundation of extreme paranoia.

I guess that’s only natural with the exposure we have today in medias and over opinionated public figures, however, I believe all of humanity is given a natural, intuitive, instinct of compassion. A compassion for not only other fellow humans, but a compassion for what is right and wrong and the ability to take action in the name of that very compassion without hesitance or fear.

This same instinct is what drives the heroes today when they take action to help or save without the thought of fear or consequences they will endure.

Paranoia is a disease we contract by means of letting ourselves physiologically consume thoughts of the worst in situations. The more we see those negative consequence through unavoidable medias, the more our instinct of natural compassion begins to deteriorate. Once Paranoia has set in so deep within our minds and souls, the compassion and instinctive actions that go along with it are completely eradicated. Eradicated so much, that even when we see something being done wrong whether on the street, in our community or in our Global community, we turn our heads without hesitance instead of acting without hesitance.

This action and non action ranges on a simplistic scale. It can affect something as simple as saving a cat in a tree, helping an older person cross the road in heavy traffic, standing up in peaceful protest all the way to taking action uniformly as a united Nation.

In my personal life, I try very hard to always look at the positive side of any matter before giving an equal objective view of the negative. More times than none, you will find yourself seeing the right decisions and actions from the positive side first. That approach will not only strengthen your natural compassion, but will help limit any form of paranoia from growing inside your soul that is meant for peace. I hope it helps with yours as well, for all humanity sakes in the future.

So keep that in mind when you read articles or view the medias that are constantly publishing the negative situations both local and globally. When something someone says or does that touches a harmonic value in you, don’t let paranoia stop you from engaging that feeling and acting upon it if you are able. Any person.


Have a blessed one,

Jason Young Guy