#Profiling “Don’t Mess With Granny”

by Jason Young Guy

I usually share a bit of philosophy based on my experiences or beliefs, however, I also have normal, comical days as well. This particular one just shows how our profiling can change in an instant.

“It was a Sunday afternoon, and while standing in line to check out in a local grocery store,  I noticed the barley 5 foot, elderly, lady in front of me.  She was in her mid 80s to early 90s.

Her white and blue hair was bundled up into a beautiful bun and lightly sprayed with hair spray,  make up and jewelry perfectly balanced,  wearing a conservative,  yellow sun dress with white decorative flats,  and whose perfume was elegantly light and sparse.

She wore a lovely smile, glasses with a gold chain dangling so gently, and she was very well spoken.

As she reached into her finely made hand bag, her sleeve rode up her arm just enough to reveal her tattoo, which read,


Tickled me to death, and after noticing I had seen her tattoo, she graciously nodded and winked with a smile as she left.

Have a blessed one,

Jason Y. Guy