#Humanitarian Needs and Deeds, What Are You Receiving?

by Jason Young Guy

In doing good things for others no matter the size or recognition, I’ve come to this conclusion thus far in my forty years…

“The amount of time you take in giving unto others in any area of their needs, will equivalently deliver, if not surpass, in the durations of time in receiving all that you need.
For the dimensions of humanitarian needs are always determined by the dimensions of those who give in humanitarian deeds.” __ Jason Young Guy

Keep in mind that any size of contribution to others is considered a deed. It doesn’t have to be an actual tangible item, nor does it have to be something that is recognized by others.

Your heart knows the validity of a good deed for another person(s), and that is all that matters to the efforts in being a good humanitarian.

It’ is a practiced behavior, that once learned, will become a sub conscious habit rather than a conscious effort. The rewards are endless both for your soul and your life.

Have a blessed one.

Jason Y. Guy