#Strength Within You

by Jason Young Guy

“I believe one’s inner strength is greatly strengthened and advanced, when one is able to identify and then utilize their weaknesses into one of their greatnesses.

First, you have to consciously identify the weakness, and then consciously make a purposeful and continual effort to conquer and mold it to become a strong feature within you. Only you can recognize the weakness, and only you can decide the significance it plays in your life.

Once you have decided the importance that weaknesses is affecting your inner strength and ability, then you can take the conscious steps to control it’s power over you. Then subconsciously, you will grow stronger,and so will your confidence within you to do what ever you set your mind to do.

Weaknesses within us are nothing more than abilities that are just discovered by ourselves, within ourselves, everyday of our lives on all levels of size.

The key to growing inner strength, is realizing and identifying what is the newly found weakness, and then start practicing by habit to turn it in to one of your best attributes.

An attribute that has to serve you for the betterment of who you are, and who you are toward humanity, both in public and private.

The greatnesses within you are built and managed by you. They are known by you on the inside, but gleam from you on the outside, which is what shows others your true character and abilities.

Only you can decide what is greatness and what is weakness by how you treat yourself on the inside. The more confidence you find yourself having, is the result of you turning weaknesses into greatnesses.

It becomes almost a subconscious action you take, but only after you have made yourself aware of the very first weakness you know exists within you and conqueror it.

The strength you develop as a result, will be seen and absorbed by others that are looking for the very same help for growing their inner strength, and that is the ultimate reward for yourself.

Stay true to yourself, and depend on your own inner strength, and nothing can defeat your goals and purpose in life.”

__Jason Young Guy