#Muslims And Their Quest For Respect, Peace And Recognition, I Belive Will One Day Happen But Only Until..

by Jason Young Guy

I rarely write about other religions or religion in general, but I can’t help state what I truly believe on Islam since every time I see the name in an article or media report, it’s always accompanied by the words, attack, bombing, murder, violence, and so forth.
So I wrote this to a very nice Muslim lady who stated on an article why won’t America and the World respect and acknowledge Muslims and Islamic Faith.

So this is what I responded:

"Dear Friend, Muslims want the world to respect them and their faith as a peaceful
 one, especially here in America?. Well, in order for that to ever happen
 they (the good ones) like yourself, will have to stand up and drastically drown out
 and denounce publicly and every way known to man, the major radicals when they
 commit acts of mass violence in the name of your Faith. It has to be done over
 and over again, and louder and louder every time an act of terror is committed by them.
It's only normal, human nature to react to what it sees on a continual basis.
 It's only man's normal and natural instincts to profile and judge based on the actions
 it sees of a particular group that is constantly presenting itself as a
 representation of that group and drowning out any others that act or represents
 any thing other or different.
Until that happens, the Islamic Faith will never be seen in the eyes of the world
 as a peaceful and loving faith that actually cares and contributes to all humanity.
For a comparison, how many other 'major' and worldly recognized Faith's have murdering
 and extreme violent radicals acting in the name of the same Faith? Not Christianity,
 not Buddhism not Mormonism, not even tribal religions of under developed tribes
 in the deepest enclaves around the world.
It will take centuries of the peaceful and truly humane and civil Islamist
 to conquer the respect they so profanely demand. I hope for the sake of all
 the children being born into that Faith, that the change and peaceful voice happens extremely
 sooner and faster, so the Faith and people of the Faith can be respected and not be
 pre-judged and profiled.
I also hope for the sake of humanity, that this loud voice of peace happens soon so that more
 and more people will stop turning from any religion or God because of the violence from the radicals
 and extremist that are destroying the sanctity of religion and God Himself. No Faith wants any one
 to turn away into atheism, but it's happening more and more because of the violence and results of
 mostly Islam, which is a dire shame.
**Please note I have many friends that are Atheist, and I do not
 judge them nor denounce them. I just disagree in the aspect of God.
So that is my perspective on the Islamic Faith and why it doesn't get the demanding respect it seeks. I'll
 stress my point once again, until the voices of the true peaceful and civil members join and drastically denounce
 and drown out the violence of it's overwhelmingly large radicals, then it will continue to be looked upon as an
 evil and threatening entity on humanity and the stability of human existence. I pray that happens sooner than later."
Jason Young Guy