#Desensitization. Is the new societal #epidemic we must alter.

by Jason Young Guy

After this Boston terror act, it’s just another example of how I’m afraid we are falling more and more into the epidemic of desensitization as a human race. Every time an act like this on any level is carried out by inhumane, immoral, heartless, cowardliness and desensitized individuals, it pokes a hole in the fragile fibers of our civil and social beings. We always will prevail, even when some pay the price more than others as in 911 and now in Boston, but maintaining our stability and the foundational principles we as humankind have built for the betterment of our lives must be kept as priority one no matter how many tares are done to our fragile fabrics of life.

I seriously believe we must be more aware of what information our children view, more aware of recognizing and identifying the trouble signs when they present themselves around us in the social and civil environment, and take conscious and well thought actions to keep our society from desensitizing itself to the point that nothing moves us compassionately anymore, which in turn prevents us as a whole society to hold each other accountable for actions against humanity. Unfortunately the seeds of evil within people and even kids have been planted, but it is up to us as a civilized and cultrualized society to do whatever means necessary in preventing a blossom of terror of any size.

I also whole heartedly believe that the information on the internet in regards to knowledge how to destroy human existence with instructional guidance should be massively attacked and destroyed by not only the companies that host these seeds of evil, but also by the international community and governments to annihilate such information from free access to potential bloomers of terror. If we choose to continually and unconsciously desensitize ourselves, and more importantly the younger generations of today, by allowing massive bombardments of visual medias and multichannels of inhumane and uncivil acts, thinking and derogative information into our lives and children lives, then we are planting the seeds to civil destruction without even realizing it until it’s too late.

My sincere thoughts and prayers are with every person directly and indirectly involved with the suffering caused from a seed of evil that was allowed to bloom yet again in Boston. For myself, I keep a strong Faith and a conscious decision of what I’m viewing, thinking and delivering to others around me both physically and online, and keeping a conscious awareness what impacts it can have on other individuals and their personal fibers of civil and cultural growth in humanity.

If we all take a conscious step to produce more positive reinforcements even in tough times, I believe we will find ourselves at the end of the day with a clean conscious, light heart and full enjoyment of a peaceful life, World and sensitized soul.

God bless and God bless the human race Globally.

Jason Y. Guy