by Jason Young Guy

I have to apologize as I’ve been out-of-town on business for the last 2 weeks as I always do every 2 months. It was while I was out in Las Vegas that I heard of yet again another massacre. Growing up in the deep South I was blessed to the opportunity to not only be around guns of all caliber, but learn how to use and respect them. In perfect sync, I was also blessed to have a great childhood with great and disciplinary parents that instilled what God and Family were all about. As I sat like most Americans and people around the world in pure disbelief of the shootings in Connecticut, all I could think of besides the families was the desensitized and lost soul that ended these young lives including his own.

I used a key word in that last sentence and that was “desensitized”.  It is only natural that we demand action when such a horrific event takes place with guns involved, and it’s only natural that we turn to the weapon that was used in the violent actions. So, before I continue let it be known that I do support the 2nd amendment whole heartily, and I do support gun control in regards to 100% background checks on all gun sales whole heartedly. However, I think we are terribly looking at the wrong issue in these events, the perpetrator, the desensitized mind and environment.

Demanding gun control and wanting action is quite appropriate after this event in Connecticut and Oregon and the others in the past. However, I wish the demand and funds would focus more on the actual problem in these horrible events. The underlying problem is the desensitization of not only people in America, but more importantly the youth in America.

Many people disagree with me on this, but be as it may I stand firm on my belief and wish someone would do more research to prove me right or wrong. You see, the mechanisms of a gun hasn’t changed since it’s origin centuries ago. How and what the gun does hasn’t changed. How easy it is to acquire any gun has never changed and will never change regardless of laws. It’s just the way it is. What has changed tremendously is human beings and the cultural environment. I’ve said for years, and will always belive that today’s young and middle age adults are heavily desensitized by realistic, violent and habit forming video games. Yes, video games. Now many immediately blow that off as a false reason, but you have to look a few things before one can do so. First, video games, like music, has changed horrific in the last 20 years. Meaning, the brain is stimulated, sensitized and desensitized by continuous engaging into a virtual self lead world in which most can carry out fantasies. The down side is by desensitization of the mind and heart, those fantasies become reality.

Now, of course, I’m not blaming the entire events of massacres on video games and music, as that is absurd. What I am saying is it’s a contributor to desensitizing the human mind, heart and spirit of an individual. More so in an individual that already is suffering from a mental or unstable condition. Video games back in the days of Atari and Nintendo were comical and far from a real world scenario as you could get. Even the “shooting” games were so far-fetched that a person couldn’t seriously want to carry out a massacre based on a game. Unfortunately today’s gaming has changed tremendously. If you don’t agree, go rent some of these games. I want name them particular in keeping with copyrights and other legal reasons, but they are mind blowing when you see how realistic the people, guns and actual violent actions are in these games. Add a touch of gangster or derogatory style of music in any genre, and you have a deadly real world situation that could potentially unfold with a young mind that is engaged and can’t separate what is real compassion for a real human as opposed to a realistic character.

Again, I’m not trying to focus on the video games and music, but basically focusing on the issue that scrambling around to enforce gun control is only the surface of these ever-growing tragedies. I love to hunt, sport shoot and endorse the NRA, but since watching the news everyone is yelling gun control to prevent another travesty. My friends, we must look into what we are allowing our youth and young adults to absorb and closing an eye to the possible consequences that can result. I belive it falls back on the parents. We have more single parents raising kids, and even worse more parents who are doing perfectly well, but are drastically disengaged with their children and their children’s lives. That to me is the gun control everyone needs to focus on more than a law. That is where the real prevention comes from. engaging with your children, teaching them core values about humanity, treating and monitoring disabilities, and communication are prime essentials needed to help prevent future eruptions of mass tragedies.

As I stated before, I’m in support of gun control in the sense of background checks on all gun sales, and I’m a full supporter of the 2nd Amendment. However, the mechanisms of a gun hasn’t changed since it’s origin. What has changed is the mind and hearts of humans , and sadly the mind sets of culturalized andd civilized Americans in 2013.