Mallory Owens: Young #Lesbian #beaten by girlfriend’s brother, Travis Hawkins at Thanksgiving dinner.

by Jason Young Guy

Mallory Owens: Lesbian allegedly beaten by girlfriend’s brother Travis Hawkins at Thanksgiving dinner | Mail Online.

As many people around the World know me for the piano, many also know me as a humanitarian. It breaks my heart and my hope for humanity sometimes when I see something this horrific done in not only my home State of Alabama, but close to my hometown as well.

Equality and protection for all Americans in this day and age, should never even cross our minds in the slightest. I can’t elaborate on details of this particular situation as with any case under investigation I do not have all the information, however, who needs detail information when you see a young girl beaten by an almost 7ft boy? As of the time the article was first posted, the District Attorney said it was not being considered a hate crime? Just because she was a lesbian doesn’t mean that is the only reason it’s considered a hate crime.

A hate crime, in my opinion, is nothing more than a disregard for a pure human being’s spirit and life.  Any act of physical abuse against the flesh of another human is a true hate crime. Labeling it a hate crime only if it was due to the fact the person was gay/lesbian, white, black, Jew or Muslim is irrelevant when it comes to flesh and bones and an embodied spirit of pure life that is violated and damaged.

I support fully equal rights in all genders, race and to some extent religious beliefs. As long as all of them do not in any means affect physically the private life I or anyone else lives. It should never be questioned let along abused or segregated in society especially by any type of man made law.

I hope justice is brought to this young man, but more importantly I hope the broken and damaged Spirit this young girl’s endured,  heals faster and with more compassion for humanism than her beaten and destroyed physical body which displays the unacceptable result of hate and abuse. I hope her heart will be filled with understanding that not all human beings carry an internal spirit that is soured by what the mind absorbs from irrational people and behaviors they tend to allow in and affect their soul for human dignity and life.

If you’d like, spread this story and support. A human spirit was broken far worse than the body displays, and as many have experienced,  a broken spirit is far more damaging and devastating than the pain of the physical body. We as humane and civilized souls must set aside opinions of what we think is the correct or incorrect way a person lives, and focus more on the development of humane acceptability for the good of the human spirit, heart and mind, so that,  it can be passed on to each generation in the future, thus creating a more sane World. Life is more fulfilling we can utter the words of, “I care”, “I love you”, “I accept you”, “I am one with you under the divine creation of God Himself.” Those phrases empower the spirit and educate the mind.

Have a great day and keep your Spirit protected even when the physical body takes on the most ravish situations. Your Spirit is the fuel of your life and how you treat others and that means everyone.

Lawmakers have tried for years to cover gay and lesbians under the state hate crimes statute, but sexual orientation is not considered a hate crime in Alabama.

Jason Young Guy