#Civilized – Why Is It So Hard In This Era?

by Jason Young Guy

You know as a true humane and civilized person, I’ve always had respect for every individual as long as they were of sound mind, and displayed their beliefs or passions in a civilized manner or in thoughtful yet informative words. This can be with one’s religious beliefs, political beliefs or just cultural ways of life, but the manner we conduct ourselves even in times of war is vital in keeping our intellectual integrity, mental stability and civilized evolvement stable and prospering as a human race of one.

I just saw a picture that was tweeted by Anderson Cooper in Gaza of a man’s body being dragged behind a motorcycle as they chanted he was a Israel Spy. Realistically all I could see in that picture other than heartbreak as a human, was the uncivilized, barbaric actions that children’s young minds are absorbing as they watch them parade that body around too. The way we conduct ourselves in any situation of any magnitude is always being watched and learned by young minds everywhere. Young minds that are the future and are developing based on what they see, hear and taught, in which, will be passed on to the next generations.

The action of dragging a dead man’s body around behind a motorcycle shows how ironic it is that as humans in general and in this Era, we have acquired the ability to build and construct a complicated thing called an engine, which runs off a substance we have developed the intellect to refine from oil in the earth, that then propels perfectly round steel or aluminum discs made of rubber we humans also developed and all of this remarkable, highly intellectual process and skill to create a motorcycle, and yet some are still so uncivilized and in humane they choose to use their skill to operate it for a pointless task of doing nothing more than showing the world and children how in this Era, humanism is still far from being civilized.

I know not everyone acts in that type of manner, and I know in the case of war humans tend to do things they probably would never imagine doing in their lifetime. However, as a Christian I believe in Israel as God’s chosen people. I do stand behind Israel and support what they are doing. I also do believe they are not trying to target and kill innocent people in Gaza and are civilized human beings. For example, they have dropped millions of leaflets telling the people in Gaza to stay away from Hamas militants and it’s facilities. It’s unfortunate that sometimes innocent children are caught in the crossfire, and that in itself breaks my heart as I’m sure it does the leaders in Israel. They do not hate humans or human life, they hate people who try to take the ability to live civilly and in a humane non terror environment.

Now, I don’t want to offend or start arguments or debates on this war going on now with Israel and Hamas, but it’s the picture I saw of a inhumane action that happen to be what sparked my thought and this blog.
I’ve also stated in the about me, that I express what I believe on all subject matters and I am careful I know facts on all angles possible before I make judgements or conclusions or statements. I also know what is in my heart and what my beliefs and feelings are, and I know as a civilized human how to express it with a level of integrity and respect even if there is a surrounding escalation and expression of disagreement.

Any group of people who forcibly takes over a land, place rocket launchers by their own civilian homes, schools, Churches and Mosques all in knowing that when they launch a rocket toward an enemy, that enemy is going to attack the target to stop it from doing it again is pure uncivilized.
In other words,  it is purposely set up so it kills the innocent civilians and makes their enemy look uncivilized and inhumane to others looking in. This is a practice that is seen over and over for decades in conflicts with terrorist organizations, or uncivilized people. The young minds see this behavior and actions like the body being dragged behind the motorcycle, and they are learning to hate their neighboring country because they see them as purposely try to kill their people, which couldn’t be farther from the truth in actual reality.

It’s amazing that the same intelligent people who developed the skill to ride a motorcycle, drive a car, operate machinery, build homes or install and operate a rocket launcher are the very same type of people who display the meaning of uncivilized humans. It’s ironic how such a fine line exists between intelligent and uncivilized, passionate but inhumane, smart but without integrity.

Yes these same type of people sometimes need to be in war and dominated.  Not because of different religious beliefs, or cultural beliefs, but simply, simply for the purpose of civilizing these people and forcing them to understand integrity and respect for themselves, for others, for the human race.

I do believe once a war is over and the good prevails like with Israel and Gaza for example, the children will finally get to see that humane and civilized people do exist and do succeed in this world even living by someone who has different beliefs, cultures and way of life. There is a unison of common good that exists outside of terror controlled environments, and it’s such a shame that loss of innocent life has to occur in order to prevail over terror and uncivil peace.

No one wants war, but everyone wants to be heard, respected and acknowledged. Children are not born with this knowledge, they learn it. They learn how to be civilized and then they carry and pass it on to the next generation. As it keeps getting passed, the “civilized” element of a person continues to grow stronger and becomes more intellectually developed as well. It becomes more intelligent and humane. In the end result, it eliminates barbaric actions like dragging a dead man’s body around the streets behind a motorcycle during war.

My view and blog is again not on the war of Israel and Gaza, but on the point of the man dragging the body in the picture I saw, and the representation that it symbolizes for some groups of people in this world today. Being civil in today’s era needs to be a primary focus no matter who or where we live. It’s not hard to be civilized people and neighbors of integrity with respect, and we have to enforce and insist that it continues to grow and spread for the sake of mankind’s survival.

May God’s grace sweep through Israel and the Gaza strip, and may his humble peace take hold of every human in those regions and bring civilized thought processes and actions for all the young minds to see and learn from.

This was the image.  You can copy and paste in your browser,  http://instagram.com/p/SQXOBvEkLg/

Have a blessed day,
Jason Y. Guy