Natural Talents Are The Gift Of Giving.

by Jason Young Guy

Jason Young Guy

Since Thanksgiving and Christmas is approaching, I thought I’d write about something I’m very passionate about, and that is giving. Giving in the sense of sharing as it pertains to not only material things, but intangible things as well.

You see, as a Concert Pianist and Entertainer I always tell people in my audiences and in person, “I believe everyone has a talent. Some find it when they are young and some find it when they are old. In either case, find what you love to do more than anything and your talent will be hidden within. Then give thanks to God for it, and share it so that others may benefit from it.”

The part I emphasize the most in my quote is, ” the sharing so that others may benefit from it.” By this I don’t necessarily mean benefit in terms of profits or assets, but in the sense of giving they benefit also from the kindness, spiritual and emotional good it does, which in turn, benefits you as well for the effort of sharing your talents.

Sometimes we don’t even realize or see how others benefit from our natural gifts, and sometimes we ourselves don’t even stop to realize what benefits we have acquired from giving. It’s just natural to do what we do best, and it’s also natural for us to not really pay attention to the good we do with our natural talents. If we stop and really pay attention and understand how our “giving” affects others, then we hold the key to our own success in growth and life.

People sometimes don’t understand what natural talents are, so I’ll give a little explanation the best I know how, and then you can determine what your gifts are and how you can “give” your talents so others can benefit from them, and believe it or not you will recoup the rewards be it money, power or divine uplifting and spiritual growth.

I have a natural gift to play the piano by ear, as in I do not read music. I can perform on the piano and play in a manner that many think I’ve been trained since I was 5, but quite the contrary, as I didn’t discover I could do this until I was 22 years of age and went professional at 23. Now, I’m not boasting but merely making a point. This type of talent is a physical talent I’m able to do that many cannot or have to be trained in order to do. The real talent is not the ability to play, but the ability to share the music and relate it to others through body expressions as I’m playing. In other words, I have more people tell me they enjoy watching me enjoy playing. THAT is the true talent hidden within.

Anyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone can give off the enjoyment and passion that it embeds in others souls strictly by watching me express what it does to my soul. That is the giving part of performing on the piano.

Now another example of natural talents, and there are a vast many in this world, are people with lets say the unique ability to speak perfect words. Huh? Yes. People fail to realize that being able to speak words of wisdom, care, inspiration, healing, problem solving and just plain common sense are also a type of natural talent. As I said before, the key to their success is realizing they have that talent and can see what effects it has on people in a good way when they share it. Then they are more prone to utilize it better and hence receive more good for themselves by what the effect is having on the people they speak to whether it is one single person or a large crowd. I know it may sound complicated, but it’s really not. That is just an example of a natural talent that isn’t necessarily a tangible task one does or creates, but it is none the less a real talent and has huge impacts when shared for the common good.

Talents come in all forms and I think you have the idea of what I’m expressing on the Gift of Giving. The key to being successful and discovering your talent is again discovering what fulfills you the most, and recognizing the successful and beneficial outcome it has on others in an always positive way. Once that is recognized, then build on that talent and continue to give as you will always receive more personally when you do, then the ones receiving it will.

Just never forget to give thanks to God for it, as He can always take it away just as He gave it to you. Treat any talent of yours with respect and use it only for the good of yourself and others. Even if it is the art of building a simple bird house. It may be ordinary to you, but it can bring a lifetime of enjoyment for someone else who hangs it outside their home. The satisfaction that should fill you of that talent, is every time that person smiles when they see a bird nesting in the art you created for them.

Have a blessed day,

Jason Y. Guy