What Are The “Older Generations” Really Teaching Future Generations In America?

by Jason Young Guy

Rick Perry Takes Stand On Texas Secession Issue.

Jason Young Guy

After seeing so many articles and petitions from States, including my own home State, Alabama, I’ve just been dumbfounded how irrational, forgetful and uncultralized some American People can be, especially the older Generations that are past the age of learning and acquiring new cultural and diverse thinking for the em-betterment of their communities, children and lives.
Growing up in a very small, predominately all white, blue collar, Christian town in rural Alabama, I’d never thought that I would see a day in which I would become so open-minded, open-hearted and culturally educated as I am today. Why? Because I didn’t know what that meant in terms of a tangible thing. It was something that developed as it does with each person when they expand their minds, visions and paths away from their current, historic environments.

With that being said, however, I have never and will never forget how I was raised, where I came from, the history I represent, the Christian foundation I was raised, the respect of our development and independence as a race, a community,  and what made me who I am.

I know the history of the Civil Rights movement, I know first hand the environment of segregation, racism and the power it still holds today in many, many small towns and even large cities across the South, as well as, many parts of the entire Country. I also know how difficult it was for my former Generations to fathom the ideas of progress in humanity, equality and diversity in these times.

It truly breaks my heart, but it breaks my heart more that some can never be educated enough or have the opportunity to venture outside the mindset they have so been instilled with from their past generations, and it isn’t their fault at all, but if they do not choose now to try to make progress in their thinking patterns, then the same mindset will carry over into their children and their generations. This will be a major set back in the growth of humanity and the demoralization of the human race as a whole in the eyes of God.

It doesn’t mean these people are any more or less than myself or others in this great Country when it comes to common sense, morals, patriotism or humanity, but in cases like this situation of wanting to secede from the Union, I can’t help but question their literal civilized development and growth as a human race and the yearn for a more perfect and equal society in the United Sates where everyone lives and succeeds day-to-day without infringing on anyone else or their way of life.

For example,  it amazes me how I can hold a Piano Concert that includes everyone in my audience from Black, Latino, White, Asian, Gay, Straight, Old, Young and everyone in between, and they all sit silently and listen to me perform music that captures each one’s heart, spirit, smile, love, compassion, open mind, culture and above all humanism in a single instrumental song or piece without ever saying one word. For that moment of time, they are all on one platform, in one light, in one common passion and speak only one language as the music from my piano soars through their ears, hearts, souls and minds. Yet when some leave the building, the outside World grabs them and pulls them back into the irrational and derogatory mindsets and actions.

If only there were away to keep what was captured inside that building in their souls as they left, and learn to keep it and implement that feeling they had toward others and our Nation, then we would be more than a shinning example for all humanity to see around the World, we would be the cure to invoke it.
However, that can only be done with growth and individual willingness to change.

With all that said, I don’t see how anyone that is a true American could possibly, remotely or even slightly let the word secede enter their minds based on an election and here is why.

-First have we forgotten what the first secession did to our Country. The deadliest blood shed of American lives ever by their own brothers?

-Have we forgotten the “Red Man”? The Indians.

-Have we forgotten the accomplishments men of all color gave? The exploration days and the development of civilization in America?

-Have we forgotten the efforts our Government gave to unify the States so we could function as one society to reach prosperity for all equality,  men and women?

-Have we forgotten the trials and errors our Government and Nation has endured to learn and grow as one with immigrants from Europe, Ireland, England, Asia and others?

-Have we forgotten that love is a spiritual, internal entity that sees no color,  no orientation other than human?

-Have we forgotten the roles each person, including our Government, has played in the times of natural disasters across our land before today’s time, yet alone what we’ve done for each other in disasters today?

-Have we forgotten how our Government stood up for each State when fighting abroad for Democracy and the rights of the suppressed.?

-Have we forgotten 911? That our enemies are not within our Country, but abroad that want to take from all of us what we cherish so gratefully, our equality, freedom and strong unification as ONE.

-Have we forgotten the pioneers in all Eras that have worked and slaved for the em-betterment of humanity in the United States as one and not for the em betterment of a single race?

and last, have we forgotten that we are only given roughly 70-80 years to live in this great Country and usually by the age of 55 we start settling in and not focusing on the young generations that are now as eager as you once were?  They are seeing humanity grow and prosper even with the problems of Government. They are understanding that as ONE Nation, Under God, With Liberty… there is Justice For All.

Not if we attempt to show irrational behavior like seceding from the Union. If that were to take place, not only would it cause an entire, internal war of destruction within our Country, but it would kill the growth of humanity, generosity, unity and pure goodness in the Generations to come that are learning from our actions.

Our enemies, the one’s who we are trying to educate, help, defend and reach to extend the hand of civilized humanity and democracy for all, would simply sit by and watch us destroy ourselves internally by secession of the Great United States, and then we’d no longer be able to save our civilized, educated Country,  much less the ones abroad that yearn for what we have even at our poorest levels and during our hardest hit times.

No, they would patiently sit by and wait until we have reached a level by succeeding and tearing ourselves apart internally that we would now be no longer ONE Nation to them but instead many targets. All that our former Americans died for would be lost, and the future for humanity and generations to come in our Country of The Untied States and abroad will surely be lost.

Maybe that’s what did happen to Rome, the Egyptians and other great society’s? Maybe they destroyed themselves internally from hatred and irrational thinking that once they were gone, there was no trace of their success as a Nation, development and prosperity other than the hollow, cold temples and the fading drawings on the walls.

Are we really ready to tear ourselves apart from the inside just because we are going through tough times as a Nation? What did people of much older generations think when they went through a real Depression. A real depression. a real depression..

Today at our worst, we have it better than those before us did at their best. Let’s not be blind by media, by ones that profit off of rederict and chaos, but let us prosper as equality Nation, United, Democratic, Humane, Cultrulaized, Civilized and eager to understand things and situations that we do not understand, and yet not close our minds but open them along with our hearts to work for the common good in all and in our great Nation…

The United States Of America. . The Leader of the Civilized World and the Leader of Humanitarianism.

Contact your local Senators, Congress and President and let them know today that YOU stand behind our Nation as ONE.

God Bless,

Jason Y. Guy