Two Classics, One Car And A 101yr Lady!

by Jason Young Guy

Two Classics, One Car.mp4 – YouTube.

I had to blog on this as it’s probably the best clip I’ve seen in a long time. I always have loved classic cars, and stated many times that people just don’t treat cars like they use to. This lady is 101 and still drives this machine of a car! She doesn’t act or look a day over 70, and knows exactly the same feeling I have when it comes to cars.

Today, it’s hard to enjoy our cars when we are constantly in a hurry to go to work, drop the kids off, pick the kids up, run errands, and we never think about the beauty of a car and it’s sound when we turn the key. It’s so uncommon for people, unless you’re wealthy, to cherish their car and see it as a classic one day.  It doesn’t have to be a fancy car today or a new, or very expensive car to really appreciate what you drive.

If we find a car we love to drive no matter how old, what style, what brand it is, it would make life so much more fun and probably ease the tension and road rage on the packed roads today, because we simply enjoy driving the “car” which makes a statement of who you are.

Have a blessed day 🙂