The President and Our Actions.

by Jason Young Guy

Jason Young Guy

I feel that I should write a somewhat brief opinion on this election. No, I’m not talking about the entire process or what was said by Candidates or the ridiculous analyst and bias media, but more on the comments of people I know on social media around the Country, as well as, some others I don’t know.

I honestly can’t understand after the voting process is over, done with, that instead of focusing now on highly important issues that was temporarily diverted due to our normal Presidential election,  the majority of people are still fighting so hard to prove their case why their candidate should have won,  and how the Country is going down the tubes and they will not budge for any means in any negotiation to reach a common ground for the common good. I mean really? The slander, posts, blogs, hatred, bigotry, racism and even religious smear, is so great that it’s doing nothing more than breeding stronger anger and hatred within that person, and is having no effect on others physically, but it does set a spark of the same sentiments to begin brewing in those viewers, which leads to them retaliating with the same deggration,  that hence the process continues and inflames beyond resolvability or control ability and ultimately ending with no real positive results for the future.

If we can’t learn to meet in the common middle during this particular election,  learn to accept Democracy as we have it, respect the leaders that are chosen by the people, make our voices heard in a clear, concise, educated and civilized manner, then we will never continue the process of evolving as a leader by example in the World we know.

When the President is elected and again the same people who blocked progress state publicly they will not budge on their stances no matter what, how in the world can people not see that it’s not just arrogance, selfishness and close mindedness, but it’s literally a form of  in humane practices of judgmental dictatorship that serves no one for the common good other than themselves and their like-minded affiliates they influence?  How is any President, regardless of whom he/she is, able to make any progress if it is a constant battle with never having any slack to make room for true progress? How are they suppose to implement any idea or plan that might actually work, if it’s already been pre destined to fail just because of who that person is as a person? They can’t.

I’m afraid we’re going to find ourselves in the same situation on some matters with the President and our Country due to that competitive, unethical and dictator character the House is preparing to show again. However, not all issues are of equal value to every American citizen. There are a lot of issues that for some are more important than the Country’s economy and Foreign Policies. For some, simple things like abolishing the discriminative “don’t’ ask, don’t tell” law has far more weight in gaining a vote, as it should.

Many Americans have good jobs, make good money, have good health care, but lack the same rights as other Americans. That is the most important thing to them, and that is something that these people I see and know fail to understand. If they understood that there are far many issues that cause us to exceed in the eyes of ourselves as humans and in the eyes of the educating world, then this ridiculous slander and hatred would begin to cease.

In other words, don’t let the media constantly show you what the most important issues are at hand and for our Country. What affects our great Country and the great Americans, are the problems that are at home and in your personal lives, in which, most if not all of those circumstances are dealt with at the State level and not the Federal, in most cases.

The State Government has more control over your everyday life than the Federal I assure you. Change can happen within your own State by getting involved and making things happen there first. That change is carried to Washington and impacts those that are unwilling to budge from their own conceded ways, and then forced out.  It’s easier said than done I know, but it takes steps, and it can be done. It will be done in generations to come.

So until then, we all have to remember with social media and even real media that we are constantly being watched at our actions and reactions, how we treat others, how we treat our leaders, how we treat foreigners, how we treat our enemies, and how we treat our Faith. It’s all being watched by those that are literally dying right now to have these great thing we as Americans have called, Opportunity, Democracy, Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness.  Be that example to others and fellow Americans by your actions in your day-to-day life.

God Bless The United States, The President, all the elected Leaders on both sides and Independents which is what I am. May He forgive the mistakes they have made and will make while in offices, but to give us strength as Americans to hold our dignity and show our humane grace toward them as the problems and issues are corrected and resolved as the great American People we are known to do.  Lets start using the intelligent minds we were given, not the lashing tongue of appalling language we have learned.

Jason Young Guy