Some media and reporters are detached when disaster strikes during a election

by Jason Young Guy

Christie sets up gas station hot-line to deal with continued problems |

I’ve been very irked with the news, media and reporters of all different outlets in the covering and reporting of the praise Christie has given our President. Having lived through many Hurricanes in the deep South, several a Cat 4, I’ve seen and experienced first hand the devastation the great people and Governor in New Jersey and all the North East are going through. Who doesn’t understand it are the reporters that try to politicize the disaster especially Gov. Christie. The Governor expressed exactly the type of attitude and cooperative culture that our National Government so desperately need. The media thinks it was a political move on the “praise” of Obama, instead I know from experience that politics and any other occupational success completely vanishes from the minds of those struggling with no power, water, food or communications. It becomes so irrelevant as the pure shock of the current situation one finds themselves in is so overwhelming that you will unconsciously find yourself praising anyone that gives the smallest amount of help because you are so desperate and helpless in a disasters time like this one in New Jersey. I’ve seen reports that Christi’s praise of the President has hurt Mitt Romney’s campaign. That statement from many reporters has just outraged me inside. They are so detached from the circumstances and internal emotions the leader of that State is going through, that they have not the slightest educated or compassionate sense of real reporting. If the praise and cooperative progress Christie and Obama showed would be expressed and used in the White House, Senate and Congress, we would see a massive advance forward in our Country today regardless who is President or who has control of the House and Senate. I pray for that change without being sparked by a catastrophic disaster as in this case. It’s a shame it took 911 to bring Americans together as one, and devastation of New Jersey and New York, to bring a Republican and Democrat together for the common good of helping each other and the Americans suffering. That is what should be reported and made in the media eye, not using the notion that the disaster is being used as political strategy. As a registered Independent, which does NOT mean I’m undecided, I applaud and praise Gov. Christie, as well as, our President for working so compassionate to making a reality of help and progress to the people of New Jersey. Why cant that be done for the entire Country on a day-to-day basis? That is where I leave it to my everyday prayer to hopefully fulfill that for our Country.  I respect our media and reporters that work for the good of the people and especially during the times of crisis where their expertise and skills are really needed. I discredit the ones that try to distort the truth and turn situations into motives that are completely out of context and have no experience in. Those are the cancer’s of reporting that cause our society to grow in hate toward opposite parties and even good people. Have a blessed day.