Working Together

by Jason Young Guy

I always hate to see it taking a disaster to bring the common good out of people. I was fortunate to always grow up with it in the deep South, but if it were more common around the Country then we could “as a Nation” get so much more accomplished. Gov. Christie of New Jersey and President Obama showed exactly the common ground practices we need in Washington. I’ve already wrote a blog on the new poison in our political system, but the setting aside of ridiculous arrogance’s to focus on one common goal, which is helping the people of NJ and NY recover, is the same practices that should be done in Washington between Democrats and Republicans on a day-to-day basis period. However, it’s not, and probably won’t ever be until a third-party is elected to balance out the hate and resistance that has poisoned Washington. It was SO nice to see and hear the great comments from the Gov. on President Obama’s response to the disaster, it gave a humble meekness to my heart personally that we can come together and move our Country forward together regardless who’s President. As most know I voted for Obama. I voted for John McCain prior, but if Romney get’s elected, than I’ll support him and give him faith to move us forward. I would hope the same could come from the other side if Obama is re-elected. What happened to the respect we use to hold for our Leaders? How have we as American’s seem to act so knowingly of the deep down issues and problems the President endures each morning his feet hit the floor? Since when have we all become so judgmental and knowledgeable of all the circumstances around situations? I’ll tell you.. since we have allowed social media and T.V. to rule our judgements. Since we have allowed television analyst and bias performers to inform us of bias based facts. BUT, its media that shows the compassion and spirit of cooperation during disasters of not only the American People, but of Leaders as well. Tit for tat? Maybe, but one thing is for sure, we have a lot of disasters in our future and we better get ourselves together so we can handle things like the civilized World we are and inspire others to be. God Bless and the prayers to all the people in the North East affected by the super storm, Sandy.