Thank you GOD for the “coincidence”? I’m proud to have voted for a Christian President

by Jason Young Guy

I rarely, if ever, talk about politics and religion together in the same breath, but yesterday before and after I voted as a Christian,  I prayed sitting in my car that God grant me serenity somehow in knowing I made the right choice for myself and my future. The calm He gave me yesterday before and after I voted should have been enough, but it wasn’t. As any normal person, we always want more than just a comfort in our hearts, Faith can be hard.. So this morning as I always do, I pulled up news, and this article was on the headline. Of all headlines that could be posted..Coincidence?  For you maybe, but for me absolutely not. More divine timing.  If I’m wrong, they will answer to God himself, not me.  I know what it’s like constantly growing as a Christian and separating the ridiculous from the real within my personal Faith and in my life. So I’m very, very happy right now with my decision and hope you will be in yours.. I’ll share the article below and you can read it or not. Don’t judge me, nor share you’re judgement of the President OR the Candidates running on this wall.. This is only my personal story and experience and I’m so, so happy this morning that you couldn’t say anything to change it anyways, that’s just how strong it is.. Whoever you vote for, I hope you have this same calm and happiness after you vote.. Have a much blessed Sunday. 🙂