The “NEW” Poision In America and Politics

by Jason Young Guy

It just appalls me to see people who I thought were somewhat intelligent be so ridiculously blind by political hatred towards the opposite parties, that their actions and posts on blogs, twitter and facebook, are the very symbolic reason our Country will never move forward or recover regardless who takes office. I’ve never seen the smearing of both parties so filled with I’m right only hatred, that no President or running Candidate will have a real chance of implementing a successful plan even if he had one due to the opposing, competitive hatred to stop anything regardless the effect it will have on the American people. It would fail due to the extreme lack of cooperation or ability to compromise due to the hate.

Even Bill Clinton said he had some resistance but never the level like it has evolved today as we actually worked together and made progress. This was referring to his 1st term. If Romney wins, do you really think the House or Senate filled with the exact same party slander and hatred just like you share on here, is going to allow any progress? No.. Just like the Republicans stated before Obama was elected, that they would stop anything he tried to do before he even attempted. I’m so tired of hearing “educate yourself” I have. I did and I see exactly what’s going on. When does it stop people?

 My Bird Story– It’s amazing to me that a simple bird is a prime example of how our Government was meant to work.. how? –The bird’s LEFT wing and it’s RIGHT wing,  work in a cooperative, congruency for the sole purpose of lifting the CENTER.  The “center” being our Nation today.  A bird has no FAR right wing or FAR left wing. Our Nation has to compromise and extinguish this  hate  this I’m right only  mentality, or we’ll flop like a injured bird until we’re devoured by our enemies.

Our Government will never be able to work in unison in today’s society. How can we fix it? We can’t I’m afraid. Not until a 3rd party wins a Election that neither side can understand what to do except drop their hatred and work toward a common goal.  Unfortunately we now have to learn to live with it, as will future generations. Neither side will ever give in just a little of their arrogance enough to work in cooperation.  That was shown when we lost our credit rating.

So, that’s my take and I’m unanimous on it. I’ll cast my vote and hope for the best. When you post another degrading post or blog, keep my Bird story in mind. You’re not contributing to nothing but the hatred that is the hindering poison on Capital Hill.  I’m not going to change your minds, just like you’re not going to change mine. However, if I was a elected official, I’d have a ‘open’ mind for the good of “everyone”.  America should be ashamed of itself, as should our Politicians. The new poison of competitive hatred, has reached an epidemic proportion, so that I don’t even know if a cure exists anymore. That’s a shame in itself. Have a good weekend and May God forgive America.

Jason Young Guy